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Emrys looks for Spring & finds a surprise!

Is it Spring yet? The only way to tell is to look for Hazel (aka Crazel) the Stalker Collie.

Emrys looks for Spring
Emrys has a Spring Hazel in her sights! Spring is here!
Emrys finds a spring surprise
Wait. There is another one! What does this mean?
meet Brody Stalker Collie in Training
Meet Brody, Stalker Collie in training!
Emrys eats spring dirt
Brody & Hazel "Spring" into action to Stalk Emrys.
Emrys is unfazed. She has some Spring dirt to eat.
Emrys being watched
Hazel has taught Brody all the finer details of Emrys-Watching.
Notice the focus! The intensity!
Emrys is unfazed
Emrys notices nothing.
Emrys thinks Border Collies need better hobbies
Are they still watching me eat dirt? Really? They need a new hobby...
Emrys watching season
Hazel and Brody prepare for the long Emrys-Watching season ahead...
Brody & Hazel at their Emrys Watching post
It is clear that Brody will need to learn to pace himself...

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