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How do we know Spring is coming?

The Hazel is out!!! The Beasties are out!!! It's Spring!

We had the first warm day in a loooong time today - with SUNSHINE!
The Beasties & I grabbed the camera to go get some pics of the first Hazel Watch of the Season!

Bergamot & Emrys - first Hazel Watch of the season
I feel like I'm being watched...
Bergamot senses he is being watched
I think I see a Hazel!
hazel loves emrys
Emrys is oblivious to the stalking...
emrys is oblivious of her stalker collie
Seriously. Oblivious.
Stacked Beasties
This composition cracked me up :D
Emrys with a Hazel on her back
Emrys has got a Hazel on her back.
Happy Spring Everyone!!!
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