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Emrys's Biggest Fan - Part II
Hazel The Stalker Collie: Dedicated Stalkerazzi

Hazel the Border Collie next door has a cut on her paw.
Hazel's injury has not affected her dedication to her Emrys watching career. Get Well Soon, Hazel!

hazel loves emrys
Hazel scans the horizon for any sign of Emrys
hazel loves emrys
hazel loves emrys
Wait! Did I hear something!? Was that movement!?
Emrys has been spotted & Hazel assumes her position near
the fence!
hazel loves emrys
hazel loves emrys
Emrys wants to know what that lamp is doing near her fence!
Why are you guys going inside!?
My after care instructions specifically give me permission to run up & down this fence barking!
It's my Physical Therapy!
OK. I'll just wait here until Emrys has to pee again...
See ya later.

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