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A photo gallery of beastie goodness!

2014 Beastie Photos

2013 Beastie Photos

2012 Beastie Photos

2011 Beastie Photos

I want that.
Enjoying the Shade
More fun
Too much fun
Do Ponies Pant
Are we there yet?!
Emrys surveys the land
Babushkas & Bostons = Polish Easter
I smell a Frito crumb!
Tasting the hand that treats
Presenting a Birthday Cookie
Gift Accepted!
Snow Beasts

2010 Beastie Photos

But this is mine...
Warming in the sun
I listen to the sky.
is mah sunshine face
Memmie"s Birthday Photo
The Shredder
Mem Between
Window Watcher
Suitcase Stalker
Lying in wait...
Mmmmmmm! Ted´s!
Tired of Outside
Backlit Mem
Coming right 'atcha!
Mem scans the horizon
Grazing & gazing
Steak Supervisor
Truth in Advertising
Mem Lips
Leg of Beef
Memmie and the Spaceball
Mem steals the foreground while Beefy relaxes in the bokeh
Sunshine Smilin'
Sampling the Spring dirt - yum!
Beefy rolls into Spring
Hazel sights the Spring Beasties
101 Ways to Use a Snuggie
Sun Sponge
Mmmmm Bully Stick!
Beefster Snoozing By An Open Fire...

2009 Beastie Photos

Sunny Mem.
Row Napping
What Beefy Thinks About It
Dog Lips
Boston Terrier Earscapes
Nobody expects The Spanish judge you through the fence!
Emrys & Crazel, A Portrait in Stalking
Cauliflower Birthday Cake
Emrys has horns?
Boston Terrier Sharks in a sea of blankets
Emrys in the foreground
Bergamot in the foreground
Emrys in the fridge
Emrys & the glass
Beefy enjoying the grass
beefy waiting to come in
Emrys smiling
beasties going for a car ride
Bergamot on a car ride
Emrys rolling in the grass
Emrys smiling
Emrys closeup
Beefy sleeping on a beautyrest pillow
Loco Emrys
Beefy & the shrimp
Bergamot & the bad cuz
Emrys and the cuzes
Emrys helps with the demolition
Bergamot's birthday box
Emrys on the ladder
Emrys & Pepito Feltie
Memmie loves cauliflower
Emrys on a car ride - security
Begramot & Emrys practicing the leave it command
Free the Beef
Emrys loves Clementines
beefy and the antler
Memmie and the antler
Emrys and the tug a jug
Beefy getting the upsidedown love
A cereal riot
Emrys being cute

Littlebeasts Biographies
current nicknames:
Beefa & Memsto

more nicknames:
Beefidee & MemmyLemmy
Beefsto & Memith
Beefil Knieval & Memsie
Beefolatte & Memalema
Beefster & Memadee

Bergamot Fury

Emrys the Nemesister

Birthday: March 27, 1998
Favorite Toy: Squeeky Ball
Favorite Game: Fetch
Favorite Foods: Liverwurst, Turkey, Hot Dogs

Bergamot is our snuggle-bunny. He loves to kiss on the face. He is addicted to fetch.
Nicknames: BF, Beeky, Beekamot, The Beek, Berga-Beek, Beeky-Beek, Bratamot,
Beefy, Beefamot, Puppy-Pie.
There are more, but I will stop.

Birthday: October 10, 2000
Favorite Toy: Anything Bergamot is playing with.
Favorite Game: Stealing Bergamot's toy and running away.
Favorite Foods: Whatever is in Bergamot's mouth.

Emrys is our clown. To quote a scene from Uncle Buck:
"She is a twiddler, a daydreamer, a sillyheart."
We wouldn't want to know a Boston that wasn't all of the above and more.
Nicknames: Nemesister, Nemis, Memis, Emrys-Nemris, Memma, Memmy, Miss Memm.
I can go on....

Bergamot's Pedigree

Emrys's Pedigree

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