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Rated: Funny
Winning Captions - 3 winners! Each for their own special qualities~

"Imagine, if you will. A Boston Terrier who can sit still for more than 5 seconds AND can wear a harness without chewing at it. Step into a place I like to call...The Twilight Zone."
(~for accuracy & precision of captioning...well done!)

"Boston in Chiaroscuro"
(~as a painter & art history devotee I just loved this one!)

"I dreamed I was a Boston in my Maidenform bra..."
(~This captioner went for it! Wacky! Bravo!)
Special Guest Star: Roxie

Rated: Funny
Winning Caption:
Digger was the favorite to win the gold in the 100 meter until a freak leg cramp ended his asperations.

Special Guest Star: Digger
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Rated: Funny
Winning Caption: I found a pill in my food. I think they're trying to medicate me! Get - me - outta here!!
Special Guest Star: Molly
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Rated: Funny
Winning Caption:
Ruby relies on Kent Ehrhardt to let her know the best time to go potty.
Special Guest Star: Ruby
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