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peeps & meeps

A New Contest - Peeps and Meeps!!! Peeps and Boston Terriers together!

Just like the famous & brilliant Washington Post Peep Contest! The only difference is it will have a Boston Terriers!

All the characters must be played by either Peeps or a Boston Terrier. Each diorama/scene must feature a Boston Terrier in some way. The Boston Terriers can be ACTUAL Boston Terriers or a peep modified to be a Boston Terrier or a Boston can be incorporated in some creative & unique way. The diorama/scene should encapsulate a famous event or concept, whether past, present, or future.

The Winners have been announced! Click here to see the winners!

Here are the details:

1. Think of a scene.

2. Buy Peeps!!! Buy Peeps!!! You can't go into a store right now without seeing them on the shelves.
Grocery stores, drug stores, department stores. They all have them. Check out the holiday aisles.

3. Make your diorama/scene using a shoebox or comparable item of reasonable size to create a scene.

4. Take photos of your completed diorama from several angles. Send no more than two of your best photos as high-resolution JPEG attachments (do not embed them in the e-mail) to Put "Peeps&Meeps" in the subject line. Please include the following information in the e-mail: include your name, the title of the diorama/scene and any necessary information about its significance or creation. Be sure to include the name of your Boston Terrier if they appear in your creation.
You may create and submit multiple dioramas/scenes.

5. Photo submissions are due by 11:59 p.m. April 30th. We will run photos of our semifinalists and winners on Monday May 4th.

6. The grand prize winner will receive a Boston Terrier Rawr Head T shirt from Bite The Power, a $25 dollar gift certificate to and eternal bragging rights. Two runners-up will each receive a Boston Terrier Rawr Head T shirt.
boston terrier rawr head
The winner and runner-ups will be featured as BeastiECards on

7. For inspiration, visit the Washington Post's online gallery at

Prizes will be delivered to the winners within 30 days of close of the contest.

By entering, you agree to allow to display your photo on the web site. We reserve the right to digitally enhance any photos as necessary to improve the image clarity. By entering, you agree to allow use of your photo for the purpose of displaying the results of this contest and to include it on as a BeastiEcard.

Thank you for sharing your photos and having fun with us!

***If you are wondering "What is Meep?"***
Meep is the noise I made the first time I saw a Boston Terrier puppy! "Meep!"



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