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peeps & meeps

boston terriers and peeps 1
Grand Prize Winner
BT Kissing Booth


I guess you can consider this a "future" famous event...a BT Kissing Booth!   LOL 
Helen made these cute little ceramic BT figurines of Bosley and Bogey a quite a few years ago and they fit perfectly in the booth.    This was alot of fun and I'm so glad you came up with this idea.   I hope I was not the only kid at heart who tried doing this.  
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boston terriers and peeps contest

Radar remembers MASH 4077


As I thought about what concept to use in a diorama, I decided to use the origin of our Boston's name, Radar (like the character, Radar O'Reilly from MASH). Radar is a rescue who came from a family whose father was a Army reservist called into active duty in Iraq. We wanted to rename this BT with a name that would remember and honor
this soldier...
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boston terriers and peeps 3

Peeps love BT's too!


I adore my BTs Gracie and Quincy, and anything even remotely related to the Boston breed. I have clothes, pictures, artwork, purses, blankets, stuffed animals, collector plates, statues, figurines, coffee mugs, wallets, etc., all with BTs on them. I thought making a scene of a Boston crazy Peep, just like me, would be fun! Plus, making it was a blast!
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Congratulations to the winners! We want to thank you all for having fun with us. Your artistic visions of Bostons & Peeps are as unique, entertaining and inspiring as Boston Terriers themselves! Well Done!
Thanks for all your hard work - now you can rest up and get ready for next year's challenge!

~ The LittleBeasts Crew
Bergamot & Emrys send sugar coated kisses!




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