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Bergamot & Emrys'
Boston Terrier Toy Test Challenge
Vintage Version
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There it is on the shelf; a bright new toy.
Even as that new toy is placed in the shopping basket, every Boston Terrier owner knows the fate of that toy.
Total destruction.
Boston owners shopping for new toys must weigh cost versus potential durability. Every new release is greeted with possibility; is this toy...Boston Proof?

The Bergamot and Emrys Challenge is to seek out and find the Boston Proof toy.

Rating system: worst 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 best


New Toy Test!

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New Toy Test!
Name: Chewapalooza - Chew-n-Toss Dog Toys created for Scoopy a.k.a. Dr. Destructo!
Description: Braided rubber tubing that is stretchy & snappy & chewy
Cost/Location: Prices start at $15 plus $2.00 shipping, (Boston Terrier size) and can be custom sized up to "The Monster" at $50 (big enough for a Pitbull) @ The Chewapalooza benefits the St.Charles Humane Society. Mention Bergamot & Emrys's Toy Test and a percentage will go to
Thrill: 10 - Emrys went crazy for it and has dominated it but Bergamot got in a few tugs with her. She especially enjoyed running around and shaking it at a gallop.Bergamot got to have a turn eventually and really enjoyed holding it down and having a good gnaw. Very stretchy, chewable and floppy!
See the Chewapalooza test photos.
Beast Review:
April 20, 2004

A really fun fetch and chew toy. Both Beasts like to fetch it and like to run with it flopping out of their mouths. Emrys really enjoyed holding it between her paws and pulling on it. The Beasts attempted a few double-dog tuggie sessions but backed off after someone let go with a snap. They seem to have decided to only play tug with the Chewapalooza when a human toy holder can be the recipient of the snap!...Smart Little Monsters.

"When I run with it, it tickles me in the face...when Bergamot tries to pull it out of my mouth, I let go and it hits him in the face! This is the toy I have been dreaming of!"
- Emrys

Durability: 10 - so far. The Beasts have not been able to put a mark on the Chewapalooza. They have had it for 5 days and have dedicated themselves to chewing and pulling on it.
Lifespan: Still counting from April 20th 2004
Cost vs. Durability: 10 - I think this is going to be a keeper - the knots have not even loosened and there is not a tooth mark to be seen. The Chewapalooza is a unique toy that really grabbed the Beasts attention! I think it will bring many months of chewy & tuggy fun. As an added bonus the toys are made to benefit Scoopy's animal shelter.
Safety: 9 - The Beasts haven't put a dent in it yet - but as always keep an eye on your Boston Terrier with any toy. It should be removed if it begins to show chew damage. I would also use care during tug-o-war that no one gets snapped in the face.
Boston Proof? We'll looks promising!


New Toy Test!
Name: Snuggle Snake - by Sherrie
Description: Quilted and plush fabric tug toy - choose your own colors!
Cost/Location: $5.00 plus $1.oo shipping from
Thrill: 8 - The Beasts jumped for joy when they saw the snuggle snake come out of the package! They are taking turns dragging the snake around with them. Emrys likes to take it outside and run past Bergamot with it at high speeds to get him to play tug with her.
Beast Review:
April 20, 2004

It is soft and easy to bite like a plush toy. But there is no stuffing or squeeker to pull out. It is very satisfying to tug on but it does not bring out that killer instinct most plush toys elicit from the Beasts.

"I bite it and bite it and it does not squeal - this snake is one tough cookie!
~ Emrys
"Did you say 'cookie'!?
~Bergamot Fury

Durability: 8 - so far. The Beasts have only put a small tear in the quilting. The stitching and the plush fabric add durability.
Lifespan: Still counting from April 20th 2004
Cost vs. Durability: 9 - A reasonable price for a very safe, custom-made plush toy. It has already outlasted most plush toys of the same price already.
Safety: 9 - This toy has no hard parts or squeeker to swallow. It is all cloth. As always keep an eye on your Boston Terrier with any toy. It should be removed if it begins to show chew damage.
Boston Proof? We'll looks promising!

The Beast's Christmas Present Toy Test Reviews are in!

Name: Orbee Ball - small with bungee and medium without bungee
Description: Rubbery, squishy, minty, Orbee Ball (comes with or without bungee)
Cost/Location: $7.99 size small @
Thrill: 10 - Great bounce, chewable & bite-able, The beasts like the minty flavor. They love to fetch them and played with them on their own. Emrys especially acted as if the Orbee Ball were tempting her and teasing her to bite it. See Orbee Toy Test Photos.
Beast Review:
reviewed Dec 21, 2003

Great bounce, chewable & bite-able, the small is the same size as a raquetball but easier to pick up with their mouths. The medium is too big to fit in their mouths but great for chewing. It is a bit heavier than the small but Emrys carries it around in her mouth with no problem. Another plus is the Orbee material doesn't pick up much floor-lint unlike the raquetballs.

"We give PlanetDog and the Orbee products 2 Paws Up for the best new dog toys introduced in quite a while!"
-Bergamot & Emrys

Durability: 10 - so far. The Beasts have not been able to put a dent in the balls. I cut off the bungee cords after 5 minutes - they are made of thread covered rubber and began to get torn up right away. Extra points to Planet Dog for letting buyers know in the catalog that the bungees are not dog-proof. The Beasts really enjoyed tugging & chewing on them & were disappointed when the cords disappeared - but Bostons will be Bostons and they had to go.
Lifespan: Still counting from December 21st 2003
Cost vs. Durability: 10 - If they last as long as I think they are going to last these balls will be well worth the purchase price. They cost as much as a premium plush squeeky toy and we all know how quickly those cute-fuzzies are demolished!
Safety: 9 - if used without the bungee. If you get the bungee for fun - just supervise all play with the Orbee.
Boston Proof? We'll looks promising!

Name: Orbee Tuff-Bone - small
Description: Rubbery bone made of the same Orbee material as the Orbee Ball
Cost/Location: $7.95 size small @
Thrill: 10 - They love the bouncy & chewy bones. They are also 'Personal-Size' toys - a small fits perfectly in a Boston Terrier sized mouth. See Orbee Toy Test Photos.
Beast review:
reviewed Dec 25, 2003
The Beasts unwrapped these minty presents themelves. They were very excited to see what was inside! They love the bone shape and they are flexible and bouncy. The smalls fit right in their mouth and are a little too short for tug of war. Bergamot likes this feature because Emrys won't terrorize him & grab if from him (as much).

"I like the hold this toy between my paws and chew it!"
"I can run around with glee & Emrys can't steal it!"
-Bergamot Fury
Durability: 10 - so far. There are no marks on the Orbee Tuff-Bones yet.
Lifespan: Still counting from December 25th
Cost vs. Durability 10 - If they last as long as I think they are going to last these bones will be well worth the purchase price.
Safety: 9 - The Beasts haven't put a dent in them yet - but as always keep an eye on your Boston Terrier with any toy.
Boston Proof? We'll looks promising!
Name: Orbee Sport Hockey Puck
Description: Rubbery Hockey Puck made of the same Orbee material as the Orbee Ball
Cost/Location: $7.95 @
Thrill: 10+ - The Beasts love the pucks even more than the Orbee Ball & Bone - if that is possible. All other toys are eschewed when the Pucks are brought out!
Beast review:
reviewed Dec 25, 2003
They definately love that the pucks are Boston-Sized and fit in their mouths. I also have a sneaking suspicion that they love them because they were able to chew a few bits off of them. See puck damage evidence. I think they were able to get a good grip on these because of the large hole in the side of the pucks.
"Chew, chew, chew...mmmm minty..."
-Bergamot Fury
Durability: 3 - The pucks are great fun but may not last as long as the other Orbee toys because a small dog can get his mouth into the center to chew.
Lifespan: Five days & counting from December 25th
Cost vs. Durability: 5 - I haven't given up on the pucks yet because they like them so much & they have chewed off the thin part of the rubber around the opening. The rest of the toy is thicker and they may not be able to chew any further. I'll post more info as chewing progresses!
Safety: 3 - These toys will need 100% supervision. Small pieces might be chewed off and swallowed.
Boston Proof? No.
Name: Air Dog - Circle
Description: A Tennis Ball circle
Cost/Location: $5.99 at Petco
Thrill: 9 - Love the tennis ball feel and easy to hold in mouth while running! Good erratic bounce. It floats too.
Beast review: "I like to run with the ring in my mouth - it's like a frisbee!."
-Bergamot Fury
"I like to run by Bergamot & grab the other side of the ring & run away with it!"
Durability: 10 - So far no damage. These come in lots of shapes too; bone, stick, circle & kong shapes.
Lifespan: Still going! Test began April 1st 2002. Update: Dec 30, 2003 this toy is still in the yard - it is grey-ish but still intact.
Cost vs. Durability 10 - On the inexpensive side for a new trendy toy - very durable and the beasts are really enjoying it.
Safety: 9 - I kept an eye on this one bacuse dogs can pull tennis balls apart & injest the cover and rubber lining. This toy seems thicker than an tennis ball. The Beasts liked to retrieve this and did not chew on it - it has no wear & tear - just sun exposure.
Boston Proof? So far so good!
Name: Knobby Plush Ball
Description: Large Stuffed Plush Ball
Cost/Location: $4.99 at Petco
Thrill: 7 - The knobs give good grabability.
Beast review: "Easy to retrieve!"
-Bergamot Fury
Durability: 8 - A seam was ripped right away, but the ball wasn't destroyed for a month.
Lifespan: 1 month. It seems that if it is shaped like a ball, a plush toy is given better odds with Bergamot & Emrys.
Cost vs. Durability: 7 - Pretty durable for a plush toy. I think they went easy on this one.
Safety: 5 - Needs supervision. Contains squeeker.
Boston Proof? No.
Name: The Milker (photos)
Description: Heavy duty black rubber cow milker.
Cost/Location: 2 for $15 from fellow BT Lover Pam Murphy of PaMaKa Bostons. Update: The milkers are now available through BTRN - Boston Terrier Rescue Net sales will benefit Boston Terrier Rescue.
Thrill: 10 - These milkers immediately got a response from The Beasts. From first glance they KNEW that these were toys for them!
Beast review: "This is my favorite thing to hit Bergamot in the face with!"
"Yes!Yes! Chewy, bend-y, and I can pick them up easily during a good game fo fetch! I grab them in my mouth & run with joy!"
-Bergamot Fury
Durability: 10 - The Beasts have gone ballistic on these toys for a month and have not even a tooth mark to show for their efforts!
Lifespan: June 2002 and counting. Update: After 3 months of the most brutal attacks of tug of war and serious chewing sessions, the Beasts were able to damage the milkers. One was torn in half and the other the end was chewed. We trimmed the end and it is as good as new. Update: I have bought a second batch of Milkers. I've been filling them with treats & jamming a Nylabone in the big end. This keeps the Beasts busy for 5 minutes (Bergamot) and 15 minutes (Emrys). The scraping of the Nylabone against the rubber weakens it and this is where the tears were occuring. If I leave them alone they last for more than 6 months.
Cost vs. Durability: 10 - Well worth the price for the time they last. These are one of the few toys that the Beasts will entertain themselves with.
Safety: 9 - No squeeker or hard parts just tough, black rubber. I do check all the toys daily just to be sure. Bergamot was able to chew off some pieces.
Boston Proof? By far the most durable toy aside from a Kong (and much more exciting than an empty Kong)
Name: Holey Roller (Bergamot & Emrys' first bad review)
Description: Rubber ball with a honeycomb of holes.
Cost/Location: $7.99 at Petco
Thrill: 0 - Bergamot & Emrys do not like the Holey Roller. The Beasts liked the look of it and chased it. Bergamot would not pick it up. Emrys picked it up twice and spit it out and shook her head and made more spitting noises. (She is very dramatic!) I don't think she likes the rubber it is made out of.
Beast review: "Pthbtthhhh! Bleh!"
-Bergamot Fury
Durability: 10 - They won't touch it.
Lifespan: Forever.
Cost vs. Durability: I heard this was a well-liked and very durable toy. I spent the $7.99 because of it's reputation. Update: A happy ending! We found a Boston who was a big fan of the Holey Roller and the Beasts donated it for him to enjoy.
Safety: 9 - No squeeker or hard parts. I am sure a Boston somewhere who liked this ball has been able to chew it up. All rubber toys need supervison.
Boston Proof? No.
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