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Boston Terrier Challenge

Rating system: worst 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 best

Name: Plush Ball
Description: Multi-Colored Plush Ball
Cost/Location: $4.99 at Super Stop & Shop
Thrill: 6 - Bright, good loud squeek, soft and round.
Beast review: "This was great! I destroyed it so fast - it made me feel really empowered!"
-Bergamot Fury
Durability: 3 - many small pieces sewn together. Seams ripped 10 minutes into test.
Lifespan: 1 hour. Seams ripped at 10 minutes, squeeker removed at 30 minutes, completely destuffed by 1 hour.
Cost vs. Durability 3 - Too expensive for a plush ball that only lasted one hour.
Safety: 5 - Needs supervision. Contains squeeker. Gets extra points because squeeker was 100% plastic.
Boston Proof? No.

Play the "Hi-Ya!"
Name: Karate Dog
Description: Stuffed Dog with Karate Sound Effects
Cost/Location: $7.99 at Super Stop & Shop
Thrill: 10 - Makes 4 different & loud "Hi-Ya" noises that drove the Beasts crazy!!!!
Beast review: "I will get that Hi-Ya! I will shred him!"
Durability: 1 - Major damage occured 30 seconds into test.
Lifespan: Technically 30 seconds. Arm removed at 30 seconds, Ear removed at 60 seconds, dog ripped in half at 5 minutes. The fun of this toy can be prolonged by removing the noisemaker and tieing it in a sock with the loose stuffing.
Cost vs. Durability 10 - Expensive and fleeting but so worth the look on their faces at each new "Hi-Ya!"
Safety: 1 - Needs 100% supervision.Contains plastic and metal noisemaker. Never leave your Boston alone with this toy.
Boston Proof? No.

Name: Plush Jack
Description: Large multicolored plush jack with a squeeker in each arm.
Cost/Location: $7.99 at Ames
Thrill: 6 - Good tug of war toy. Easy to grab and fetch. Lots of squeekers.
Beast review: "I bite and bite and bite...until the squeeking stops!"
-Bergamot Fury
Durability: 8 - This toy lasted many months was replaced and lasted many months again. I think due to its size and good construction it was durable.
Lifespan: Several months.
Cost vs. Durability 8 - One of the most durable premium-priced plush toys. Pretty good bark for your buck!
Safety: 5 - Needs supervision, lots of squeekers to keep track of.
Boston Proof? No. But Boston-durable.

Name: Crackle Cat Fish
Description: Colored canvas catfish. Makes crackle sound and squeeks.
Cost/Location: $7.99 at Ames
Thrill: 10 - Great crackle sound. Easy to whack fellow playmates with fishtail. Long body good for tug of war.
Beast review: "Cat, Fish - love them both!
-Bergamot Fury
"I pulled the ears & Bergamot pulled the tail!"
Durability: 8 - 1 hour into test the end of the tail was ripped off. (See evidence here) Some stuffing was removed. A fin had to be removed from Emrys' mouth. In spite of all the damage, the squeeker remained intact for a week.
Lifespan: One week.
Cost vs. Durability A bit pricey but very durable. This is our third catfish toy and the two previous ones lasted a month. They kept their squeekers for a lonf time, the dogs can't seem to get past ripping the tail and fins off without a lot of effort and time.
Safety: 2 - Needs supervision. Contains a squeeker. The squeeker contains a fairly big metal piece. Crackle sound comes from thick inner plastic lining. The first two toys no plastic came off with the canvas - but the third one I had to take a small piece from Emrys' mouth. I would not leave a BT unattended with this toy.
Boston Proof? No.

Name: Fleece Puppy
Description: Soft fleece puppy dog. No squeeker. This toy tests the theory that Bostons destroy toys to get at the squeeker.
Cost/Location: $3.99 at CVS.
Thrill: 10 - The bloodlust elicited by these cute, cuddly toys was unsettling!
Beast review: "They made no noise as I bit them."
-Bergamot Fury
"Silent...curious. I tried to make them squeek."
Durability: 1 - Decapitation occured in less than 30 seconds. Ears and tails were plucked off like flower petals one by one. Then the the headless bodies were shaken, worried and unstuffed.
Lifespan: 2 minutes.
Cost vs. Durability A very fleeting massacre when compared to the 3.99 price tag.
Safety: 9 - No squeeker or hard parts. All fleece and stuffing.
Boston Proof? No.
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