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LittleBeasts Merchandise Photos & Fun

Greer (Contestant #3) was the winner of the first ever LittleBeasts Swag photo contest.
Boston Terrier
Boston Terrier

Greer wearing her Swag Contest Prize!
She chose a "Bostons Kiss on the Lips" doggie-tee.

Greer in another supermodel pose.
Email us your LittleBeasts swag photos and we will proudly display them here in the Swag Gallery!
Boston Terrier
littlebeasts swag
Olive's car with her BT Euro Sticker
Randle & Tucker's ride!
littlebeasts swag
littlebeasts swag
Liesl wearing her "I'm in my forever home" shirt! Welcome Home Liesl.
boston terrier
Susan's swag - Beethoven has beasts in his hair!
Ellie Mae - When she does take a break, she loves to catch up on what's happening at
Melissa's Swag
alle the boston terrier
ripley boston terrier
Alee's Swag
Ripley Ann sleeps in the bed with her "Bostons Sleep in the Bed" mug!
boston terrier mug
boston terrier mug
Nelly & Plumm pose with their look-a-like mugs!
oston terrier sticker
boston terrier stickers
Iggy from Australia catching some rays with his swag!
Quincy thinks BT Swag is delicious!
boston terrier merchadise swag
Maire in her Bostons Kiss on the Lips tee in Cancun!
Iggy shows off some SWAG!

Lola & Jayna in her Bostons Kiss on the Lips tee. Jayna knows her shirt speaks the truth! :)
(Check out Jayna's little sister Grace wearing the same shirt below!)

boston terrier swag
Angel displays her swag!
winston boston terrier swag
Winston poses with his Rawr Head!!!
littlebeasts merch
Here is Lola again! She is posing with her new little sister, Grace!
Grace is wearing her big sister Jayna's Bostons Kiss on the Lips shirt!!! Very cool!
Ivan the boston terrier
Ivan posing with his swag!
Lucy the boston terrier
Lucy posing with her swag! She's got her swag lined up!



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