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LittleBeasts PuppyCam Information

Streaming Video
We have streaming video! The streaming cam can only have 15 viewers at a time.
If the cam is busy & you can't see the cam, check back in a bit or try refreshing your browser.
Still Image
The PuppyCam still image is set to automatically refresh every 5 minutes. If there is no action on the PuppyCam visit the recent images page to see the last 16 images.

The PuppyCam runs 24/7 and is usually aimed at one of the Beast's dog beds. When there is a lot of Beastie action the cam is often repositioned to catch it!

Want Notification!?
Want to receive updates when the Beasts are on the puppycam?
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For a quick loading version of the PuppyCam click on the Remote Window link or the Puppy Cam image to open a remote cam window that you can leave open while you work.
Why do I see a shoe?
You may see a single, unmatched shoe on the Doggie Couch. This occurs when Emrys gets excited when I return home from running an errand. She greets me at the door and grabs a shoe - any shoe she can reach - and runs away, wiggling with joy, to the Doggie Couch. We have concluded that she is deranged.
Capture the moment!
If you have a sighting of any "best of" worthy cam action - capture it! Just right-click the cam picture, save it & email it to us and we'll add it to the Best of the Puppycam Gallery.


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