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Jex is so athletic he can even make a touchdown in his sleep!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • It took a few chews, but the tranq ball finally did the trick.
  • Yes, I eat, sleep and breathe football. Now shush my team is winning.
  • when you mentioned pigskin, I was thinking bbq!
  • Watching football,playing football,tasting footballs...sheesh! I'm pooped!
  • Sacked!
  • Jex's new trick...Touchdown!
  • "did the quarterback say snap or nap? I'm gonna go with nap."
  • I'm not tired, I'm giving the ball a rest....
  • nom...nom...nom...
  • hmmm taste like chicken....
  • ode to my football, why I love thee let me count the ways!
  • A boy and his ball-never to be separated. :)
  • Even sleeping with a football, Jex is better than the Indianapolis Colts this year!
  • 5 seconds left....Jex gets the ball in the end zone...the crowd roars...a star is bornzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Jex dreams of his BU days.
  • Fall, football and the beautiful changing colors of the Fall Boston.
  • Football - you bet!
  • jex closed his eyes in shame as he realized he didn't make the first down.
  • Hey, that's how I watch some serious football!
  • Jex fell asleep during the quarterback sneak.
  • Making the playoffs is highly overrated.
  • jex needed a bye week more than anyone.
  • Monday Night Football just ain't the same without Hank Jr. !!!!
  • These puffballs always put me right out...
  • Counting sheep? Who needs em! Just give me my little stuffie football and I am out for the count!
  • Its MINE, mine, mine,minemiZzzzzzzzzzzz
  • over-time.
  • Jex patiently waits for the suction to let go, or the drool to dry. Someone triple dog dared him.
  • Jex's road to fame was cut short by a spontaneous nap.
  • Jex dreams of winning the super bowl!
  • "I'd rather have a Big Mac but this squeaky toy will do."
  • I love football season.
  • Played for the Reds my whole career..
  • we have an official time out on the field as Jex is down. Lets go to the replay.
  • And then Mom threw the ball for me and I ran really fast around the yard and then ah and then....z z z z z z z
  • Narcolepsy - 1; Jex - 0
  • When Jex was told that he could only play in the NFL in his dreams, he thought it best to come prepared.
  • TOUCHDOWN!!!.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :)
  • This will show the owner how boring fetching a football is!
  • This football tastes like chicken...
  • Jex always dreamed of on the gridiron.
  • Too pooped to play...
  • Hibernating until foodball season
  • When the end came .. it was sudden. Jex was DOG TIRED!!!! (in the middle of a ball game no less!)
  • I can't wait for football season!!!
  • football dreams & caviar wishes
  • 4th down....5 yards to go...Jex catches the ball...the crowd roars !!!
  • Are you ready for some foooootball
  • Jex is currently dreaming about eating a big, tasty steak. He will be so sad when he wakes up...

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