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My other side is my good side, but this is my AWESOME side.

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  • I don't always drink water, but when I do I prefer it be from the toilet... stay thirsty my friends.
  • Canis Familiaris with Stinkeye Maximus
  • wally has swagger
  • BEWARE! The Stink Eye
  • Come closer....
  • Guess what I did with your toothbrush?
  • French Fries on the table! Is anyone looking?
  • Hey...How you doin'? (in his best Joey Tribiani voice of course)
  • Wally contemplates his sinister plan to gain control of all the worlds squeaky toys.
  • I've got my Wally-Walleye on you!
  • (Speaking like Butthead) HUH HUH! HEY BEHBEH!!
  • Hey...come to the couch often?
  • Me,keeping a secret from you? Nah!
  • Don't pay attention to my sly eye!
  • Hey, Babe... wanna go for a walk with me?
  • Bet you dont know what I'm thinking.
  • Flirt or stink eye... you make the call.
  • You lookin' at me? Are you lookin' at me?!!
  • Hey Baby, just a little closer and I'll show you the "Bostons Kiss on the Lips" move.
  • "I tell ya, Schweetheart-stick with me and we'll go places." *Wink-Wink*
  • Wally eyes the wally-eyed.
  • Wally often played the fool...but to those that really knew him, he was an evil genius!
  • I'll keep an eye out for ya!
  • Me thinks me sees something yummy out of the corner of my eye!
  • Ladies man, reporting for doodie.
  • wink wink nod nod
  • Heh, babeee!
  • I know you wantz me baby
  • you've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya?
  • Wally was giving them the dreaded Laaaazzzzyyy Eye.
  • How you doin ?
  • You and who............?
  • Hey Baby.....Once ya go Boston, ya never go back....
  • Hey, Otto, my parents are out for the evening... you wanna chew some shoes?
  • i knowz you wantz me, i knowz you needz me
  • just wait until I turn on the "cute"-cookie time here I come!
  • Yeah that's right, I ate your cookies. Whatcha gonna do bout it?
  • How you doin'?
  • How you doin....?
  • ehhhhhhh, how you doin?
  • Whatch choo lookin at?
  • youz talkin to me?
  • give me dat treat man or I be bringin the hammer down!
  • dis me my 'crazy' face I use when da big dogs try to hump me... works every time :)
  • so I saiz to him 'you look at ma face buddy, I look like I'm kidding?' he he he, he runned away
  • (In Joey Tribbiani voice) --- How you doin'?
  • I feel the "stink eye" coming on!
  • Your in my spot. Move!
  • Want a piece of candy little kitty.
  • Oh, I see what you did there.
  • Guess what I did while you were gone?
  • Wally is giving you the stink eye!
  • How are YOU doin?
  • Are you talking to me?
  • It's The Wall Eyed Wally Show.
  • Guess what I just left on the couch.
  • Wally's the name, stink eye's the game.
  • You're seriously taking another picture...
  • You looking at me punk...?
  • I'm too sexy fo my chair, too sexy fo my chair.
  • Hi there name is Wally...what's yours???
  • i just came bakz from da doctor
  • I gotta secret and I won't tell!
  • Say hello to my leetle friend .....

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  • Wally is so adorable. I love the expression!
  • ok...look how cute the back leg and foot looks...i just had to comment on it
Great captions everyone!
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