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I AM the blind-spot.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Otto: "Don't forget the 2/$1 hotdogs this time!"
  • This is how we are teaching my ears to stand up - car rides!
  • ROAD TRIP!!!! You comin?
  • Hey, don't forget my SlimJim and a bottle of NeHi!
  • Otto gives the stink eye to gas prices!
  • "I sure hope they have a patch of green grass at this rest stop 'cause I gotta go..."
  • oh you meant you needed THAT kind of gas???
  • Got Gas ?
  • Are we There Yet?
  • They told me there's a tiger in my tank
  • Otto was visibly disturbed by the rising gasoline prices.
  • Hey - alternative BT Gas won't break the budget!! Try me!!
  • "I guess it's my turn to pump the gas."
  • Duh.....Don't you think you have enough gas in the car with me in here?.......
  • I don't think they'll accept my kind of "gas".
  • "Hey, Mom! Can I pump this time?"
  • hey, i have plenty of gas. we don't need to stop.
  • Hey, mom i need to go too!!
  • Otto says no to high gas prices
  • trust me...we do NOT need more gas.
  • Can I come too?
  • Hurry up an start the wind.
  • They better let me use the restroom when we stop!
  • Can you believe these gas prices
  • "Is it my turn to pump the gas?"
  • Otto says"Do we really need MORE gas in this car with me here?"
  • ok, i sit. now we go!
  • I get around.
  • Otto wasn't sure if he should Sit or Go.
  • "Hmmph. I got all the gas you need!"
  • Got Gas??
  • She won't let me man the pump..
  • Citgo nothing....I need to go GO...
  • Citgo! It should be Otto!
  • Does this gas station make my head look big?
  • Does this gas station make me look fat?
  • Hurry I need to go after drinking that big gulp
  • if you need any more gas i haz alot
  • hey Otto...filler up please!
  • GAS prices GRRRRRRRR!
  • Come on fill up my car and make it snappy.
  • Otto smells gas.
  • Hmmmm Momo, you are about 25 feet from the pump. Could you pull up a little closer?
  • Why are we here? I got plenty of gas!
  • They don't get enough gas with me around?
  • High test Please!!
  • you talkin ta me!?!
  • could you supersize that please?
  • "Free and easy down the road I go..."
  • Wish I had one of them new Hybrid cars, gas prices GRRRRR!!
  • I'm a Shell Oil dog,on wards James.
  • cherry slushy, cherry slushy, beef jerky, cherry slushy
  • I already have gas!
  • And you thought I had gas!!!!
  • Oh, for a second there I thought you said I have gas.
  • Roadtrips are a real GAS!
  • no more coffee mom.
  • do they have a drive thru?
  • Hey, ya didnt ask me if I hadda go!!
  • My other car is a skateboard.
  • Unlike most Bostons, Otto was a little low on gas.

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  • he looks so much like my boston terrier its scary!!!
Great captions everyone!
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