boston terrier photo of the week
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Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

You can roll, but you can't hide.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Oh my little fuzzy ball...why have you traveled out of my reach???
  • Ball, come back. All those other balls meant nothing to me.
  • Feel my inner Chihuahua!
  • anticipation.. it's making me wait.
  • Darn it... Now I have to chew all the way through the couch!
  • use the force milo.
  • Please roll this way, I promise to be gentle.
  • What's it gonna take to get you outta there.........???????
  • Come out and Play. PLEEEEEAAAAAZZZZEEEEE?????????
  • you will be mine... oh yes, you WILL be mine!
  • Son of a ......
  • Where's that blasted cat when you need him?
  • If I stare at it long enough, the ball will come to me!
  • Mom, I need the stick again.
  • So close, but so far away.....damn you tennis ball, quit mocking me!
  • Mom! Bring me my big chew stick!
  • "Wishing, hoping, planning and dreaming that someday you'll be mine"
  • its looking like this is going to be a bad day
  • So close . . . . and yet so far
  • So close, yet so far...
  • This the only time I want to be a Great Dane!!
  • please come play with me ball
  • willing the ball to come to me!!!!!!
  • So close, so far...
  • When it comes to patience, Milo haz it.
  • So close yet so far
  • Some days it's just not worth the effort!
  • Just you wait, Ball. Just you wait.
  • I got da magic in me!
  • Focus
  • Staring contest!
  • Staring Contest! Tennis bal blinked! Milo wins!
  • Milo: Ah, ya blinked! Ya blinked, ya blinked!
  • "i use to be able to get it"
  • Think small!
  • Concentrate
  • I .. want .. my .. BALL
  • Keeping your Eyes on the Ball is harder than it sounds!
  • Ahh Shucks!
  • MOM!!! The chair ate my ball
  • With dreams of Wimbledon shattered, Milo watched and waited.
  • Milo now had time to ponder the subtle complexities of his dragging backhand.
  • Milo doing his best McEnroe stare down.
  • milo telepathy.
  • I command you to roll to me
  • Life is so unfair!
  • "Mi" not "lo" enough!
  • "alas - so close, yet so far"
  • do i stay or do i go, milo?
  • Okay to get this out I'll need a chair a flamethrower and a DOG TREAT
  • Darn!!!!!
  • *sigh* I kept calling it, but it wouldn't come.
  • Use the force Milo!
  • I'm tired. How 'bout you?
  • So close and yet so far.
  • Hmm, should I alert my human or pretend it's lost so that they get moe?
  • so close....yet, so far away!
  • Good things come to those who wait....good things come to those who wait...zzzzzzzzz
  • Sigh. Ball? Come and play.
  • Ball is that you? Is that you Ball? can that be you!I have searched all this day long for you, and now oh wonderful and beautiful Ball you are found!!!! Milo will most certainly be playing the lead roll in the next Shakespeare in the Park!
  • Come out NOW!!!!!! I am willing you OUT!!!!!! NOW!!!!!
  • Ommmmm... Ommmmm...
  • There you are!
  • So close. And yet so far....

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