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Special Guest Star: Zoe
Rated : Wild & Crazy
Winning Caption:
"After Snoopy's continued failures against the Red Baron, it was up to a Boston to finish the job and take him out....a Boston named Zoe!"

Special Guest Star: Scooter
Rated: Cute
Winning Caption: "While they get the chips and cards, I'm practicing my poker face. "

Rated: Funny
Winning Caption: "...actually, now that you bring it up, my mouth is shaped to say 'woof.' "

Special Guest Star: Katie
Rated: Funny
Winning Caption: " this similar to 'medicine head'?"

Special Guest Star: Bosco
Rated: Wild&Crazy!
Winning Caption: "While his technique is rather unorthodox, Bosco remains one of the greatest goalies soccer has ever seen. "Air Bud ain't got nothing on me!" says the cocky and confident "Terrier Terror"(a self-applied nickname)"



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