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boston terrier dexter
boston terriers lola & gus
Rated: Cute
Winning Caption: Teddy....wake up...I heard something!

boston terrier boyDexter
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Rated: Cute
Winning Caption: Boston Shui- always eat while facing East and your bowl will never be empty.

boston terrier boyLola & boston terrier boy Gus
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boston terrier sadie
boston terrier photo miley
Rated: Wild & Crazy
Winning Caption: I want a boston with a freakin laserbeam on its head!

boston terrier boySadie
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Rated: Funny
Winning Caption: In anticipation of the upcoming Harry Potter Book Seven, Miley practices her hover charm.

boston terrier boyMiley
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boston terrier patrick
Rated: Funny
Winning Caption: Patrick had aced all the driving test obstacles till now...But Geez, a Whopper with Cheese would be tasty right about now!

boston terrier boy Patrick
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