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Boston Terrier Max
wrangler & spice cake

Rated: Cute
Winning Caption:
"This one is too hard, this one is too soft, Ahhh this one is just right."

Arthur, George, Norm the cat and Maggie
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Rated: Funny
Winning Caption:
Here we are at the Boston Frowning finals and Wrangler has just taken the lead!

Wrangler & Spice Cake
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Boston Terrier Rocco

Nybble and Coder

Rated: Funny & Cute
Winning Caption:
Rocco discovers that the search for old cheetos can take a tragic turn.

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Rated: Wild & Crazy
Winning Caption:
It was all fun and games until Coder ate the squeaky toy.

Nybble & Coder the Weimeraner
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(click image for larger view - its worth it!)
Rated: Funny
Winning Captions (tie):
"If you laugh at me again I'll show you my top teeth!"
"Don't distract me, I gotta concentrate if i want the hummingbirds to come."

Gus AKA Goose
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