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Rated: Pretty
Winning Caption: "My agent says I shouldn't get off the couch for less than 1,000 biscuits."

Special Guest Star: Stella

Rated: Funny
Winning Caption: (Tie!)
" I'm a Boston, but his AIN'T no Tea Party!"
" Old Milwaukee. The beer of bostons."

Special Guest Star: Tige

Rated: Cute
Winning Caption:
Yo Juan! Wake up! I think that Chihuahua is coming to steal our blanket.

Special Guest Stars: Murphy & Conan

Rated: Cute
Winning Caption:
The kid was right...this thing DOES taste good!

Special Guest Star: Cody

Rated: Funny
Winning Caption:
Round trip airfare to Honolulu...reservations at the Lava Rock Coconut Oil treatments at the Rothrock spa.. Hey, it's not my money...and I feel like the prettiest Boston in the whole trailer park. He never saw it coming." Beware... could your Boston be stealing your identity.



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