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Rated : Funny
Winning Caption: "During the pre-game warmup, young basketball phenom Emrys practices her Michael Jordan dunk face while stretching. She hopes to be drafted by the Celtics, keeping close to her ancestry."

Rated: Funny
Winning Caption: "Here at Puppy Rubs, we have the finest amenities to pamper your pooch. Emrys here is enjoying our newest massage, called the Dachshund Shiatsu."

Rated: Wild & Crazy
Winning Caption: "...Momma said knock you out!!!"

Rated: Funny
Winning Captions its a tie!
"Oh! It was just terrible," commented Emrys(not pictured), an eyewitness to the accident. "Mojo and I were just playing near the sewing machine, then BOOM!" The owner of the sewing machine, one Bergamot Fury, was unavailable for comment.

Showing off it's latest spoils, the infamous Yarn-o-War jellyfish delights in catching a big one!



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