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Special Guest Star: Molly
Rated : Cute
Winning Caption: "Geez; now I know how those department store Santas feel...
only, wait a minute-I'm the only REAL Boston here!"

Rated: Funny
Winning Caption: "Boy I will never say "@*(%&$*" again, this tastes awful!"

Rated: Wild&Crazy
Winning Caption:
"Ok...I really have to stop swearing! This tastes worse than last week!"

Rated: Cute
Winning Caption:
"Mmpheffull nufflemmmal!!#!!?<>%&*@!!!"

Rated: Wild&Crazy
Winning Caption:
"2 Bostons alone in the bleak wilderness...tragically separated from their owner. Together they must trek across the snowy terrain, facing danger around every curve. All in the effort to bring them to their bring them home. They truly are "The Bostons in the Wild." Rated G. Coming soon to a theater near you."



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