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Special Guest Star: Tyson
Rated: Wild & Crazy!

Winning Caption - we had a tie breaker vote for the following 3 captions they are listed in order of popularity:

Rated: Funny
Winning Caption - another tie!
"It's only 3 items. I KNOW I qualify for express check out."
"Who put these out for the Garage Sale?"
"This little Boston needs your sponsorship dollars. As you can see he comes from a poor home where he only has three toys. The average boston receives about 90 toys a year. He needs your help to reach a tolerable status. Won't you help him?"

#1 ."Isn't anyone going to help me take this thing back up the hill,or what?" - Kelsey's choice (Tyson's Owner)
#2. "Is this where to I go to be in the X Games??"
#3. "Surf's up my @%$! This water is cold!"

Special Guest Star: Katie
Rated: Funny
Winning Caption:"Blinker broken watch for paw"

Special Guest Star: Stu
Rated: Wild & Crazy!
Winning Caption: The rare red ball backed Boston not normally sighted...what a find this is.



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