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Rated : Cute
Winning Caption:"Oh how I hate having such a long torso. SO difficult during swimsuit season!"

Special Guest Star: Ben - visit Ben's website
Rated: Funny
Winning Caption: "Where's the floss? I HATE it when I get stuff stuck in my teeth!"

Rated : Funny
Winning Caption: "If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times... NO HOT WATER!!"
check out the story of "The Sweater" here

Special Guest Star: Tyson & Kelsey
Rated: Cute & Funny
Kelsey's Pick - Winning Caption:
"Tyson attempts to levitate the treats off the cookie sheet through sheer mind power."

The Beast's Winning Caption: "In this situation, I've got to keep my head and realize that it's her word against mine..Who are they gonna believe...If there's a row missing it COULD have been her! So there...Her word against mine... Yup, the faithful dog against a mere little girl..."



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