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Rated : Cute
Winning Caption: "HA HA! With Emrys in the house, the toys are finally all mine! Try to take them now, Miss Memm! HA HA HA!"

Rated: Pretty
Winning Caption: "Ok, lets get ready to take Emrys' toys while she's sleeping!!"

Special Guest Star: Tyson
Rated: Funny & Cute
This photo had a 5 way tie! The winner of the tie breaker was:
"What really happened to Axel Rose? No one is really sure..."

The runner ups were:

"Hallo. Mine name ees Berna and I come from ze old country. I was born and left for dead when zees family of zypsees saw me on de side of zee road...Eets a very long story. I require Oreos to keep talking... Now was waz I? Oh yess...I was raised...could I pleeeze have ze meeelk to dunk ze Oreos eeen?...Thank you...Now were waz I? Ah yes..."

"How did they know I wasn't a girl? Wink Wink"

"Oy, such an headache I'm having. Boobabla, get Bubby a nice cuppa tea and some sponge cake."

"Someone's shoes will die for this!"


Rated: Funny
Winning Caption: "Got my mind on my money, and my money in my mouf..."

Rated: Funny
Winning Caption: "If I can hide in this pool til they go to sleep, they will NEVER know I took the car."


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