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Boston Terrier Training

Teaching Your Dog The Sit Command

The Sit Command

Teaching the Sit Command Using a Lure

1. Take a treat in your hand and hold it right over the dog's nose. Slowly draw it back over his head as you say "Sit." He will fall back into the sit position. Use your Bridge and praise.

2. When he is reliably performing the behavior you want, continue to use the lure, but no longer give it to him. Use your Bridge, but have the reward come from somewhere else - a treat from your other hand, from your pocket, from another family member, from the counter. Now is also a good time to vary the types and the amount of the reward you are using. (food, a toy or a game, access to outside or a ride in the car - some are big rewards and some are little rewards - you will be unpredictable, variable and generous!)

3. Now, use your hand with no food in it to lure your dog into position. This will now become your signal to get the behavior. If your dog performs the behavior, use your Bridge and give him a great reward. If he does not despond, drop your hand to your side and quietly give him a few seconds. If he still doesn't respond, ignore him for a little bit and try again.

Once your dog has learned what Sit means, you can begin to ask him to Sit any time he is motivated. For example, have your dog Sit before feeding, before giving treats, before putting on the leash, before giving a toy, etc. Teach him to work for the things he wants.

To replace bad behaviors, it is necessary to teach good behaviors. The sit command is one that can be used to distract your dog from unacceptable behaviors - like jumping up for attention, charging through doorways, pulling on the leash, lunging toward other dogs, etc. When your dog is displaying an inappropriate behavior ask him to do something positive, like sit. Once the dog learns that sitting is an encouraged behavior that results in praise and treats, he will begin to sit rather than exhibiting some other, inappropriate behavior.




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