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Dog Toy Tests & Reviews: The Boston Terrier Challenge

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Dog Toy Name:

Helping Udders Tugs & Toys

udder tugs
Udder Tugs and Toys are made of recycled rubber liners from machines used to milk real cows! Dognip!


Where Your Purchase Helps Support Rescue!
Prices start at $5 to $20 depending on style at
Helping Udders will donate 25% of each sale of Udder Tugs to Boston Terrier Rescue if you mention when you order.

~A big thank you to Mikel Miller of for generously donating the tug toys for this toy test.

toy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test rating

The "eau de bovine" grabbed the Beasts interest before I even opened the box! Emrys was doing pogo jumps on her hind legs next to me and Bergamot was doing his stampy-foot dance in anticipation.

Bergamot's brain went into his "this is too good" mode. He took the double handled tug and layed down with his chin resting on the tug. He only does this when I give him a big recreational marrow bone to chew on - it is SO good that he can't even chew it - he just lays with it and makes sure Emrys the stealer does not take it.
Emrys went wild chewing and shaking the tugs. One by one she collected them all - even the one Bergamot was holding. Great fun was had by playing fetch and tug with all the different styles: single handled, double handled pocket toy & fetch tug.

See the Toy Test videos!
Emrys & the Small Udder Tug
Bergamot & Emrys share the Double Handled Tug
Udder Tug Madness

Beast Review:
August 2004
toy test rating bergamot

"mmmmm Moo-Cow..."
~Bergamot Fury

toy test rating emrys "Now I can hit Bergamot in the face from farther away!
C'mon Bergamot grab this end. Grab this end! C'mon!!"
toy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test rating

These are just as durable as the milker toys we reviewed. The cords are a very durable nylon and many of the tugs are reinforced with garden hose on the interior. Just like the majority of dog toys, these are meant to be used interactively and will last the longest if they are not left with your dogs unsupervised. recommends using these toys as an interactive toy and we agree.


August 8th 2004 and still counting.

Cost vs. Durability:
toy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test rating

These are well made and durable toys. We think they are very reasonably priced for a toy that will last and bring this much excitement to your Bostons. It is obvious that a lot of ingenuity went into the creation of these toys. It is also great to know that buying these toys for your Bostons to enjoy will benefit Boston Terrier rescue.

toy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test rating

The Beasts have only damaged one out of 4 Udder Tugs. (Yes, it was Emrys!) They are still playing with the remains of the toy. What I like so much about the inflations/moo-moos/milkers/uddder tugs is that as they succumb to Boston terrier abuse, you can trim the damage off with scissors and keep the remainder. Sometimes you get a new toy out of it!
As always, keep an eye on your Boston Terrier with any toy. It should be removed if it begins to show chew damage.

Boston Proof?  

Very close!

dog toy test photos
dog toy test photos
Bergamot is mesmerized by the "Eau de Bovine" of the Udder Tug
Oh! Joy! Someone will chase me with this toy!
dog toy test photos
dog toy test photos
Bergamot taking a daydream break in the middle of Tug of War. Is he dreaming of a field of moo-cows...?
Emrys cheating at tug of war and working her way to the top of the toy.
dog toy test photos
dog toy test photos
Every side is bite-able!
Throw it again! Throw it again!
dog toy test photos
Where's Emrys? Isn't she gonna grab a handle?
Goin' for broke!
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