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Dog Toy Tests & Reviews: The Boston Terrier Challenge

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Dog Toy Name:

Loofa Dog (AKA Bobo)

dog toy review loofa dog

Long stuffed dog featured in the Petsmart "Bobo" commercial. (See the commercial on YouTube).

Will the Beasts have a touching emotional experience like the Dachshund in the commercial?


$2.99 @ - Discount Pet Supplies

toy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test rating

All plush toys with squeakers are a 5 paws out of 5 in Bergamot & Emrys's book!
The Beasts love to shred plush toys and "Bobo" was no exception.

Emrys's lasted about 5 minutes. I think Bergamot would have held on to his and played some fetch with it - if Emrys had not "helped" him finish his off.

Bergamot was enjoying how "roomy" the loofa's belly was - lots of mouth room!

Beast Review:
December 2007
toy test rating bergamot

"5 minutes later...I'm craving another one."
~ Bergamot Fury

toy test rating emrys "He smiled the whole time I de-stuffed him!"
~ Emrys
toy test rating

It's a stuffed plush toy with a squeaker - we know they only last minutes - but the fun is so worth it!


Short. Very short. Tragic.

Cost vs. Durability:
toy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test rating

These are fairly inexpensive and well worth the joy they bring.

toy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test rating

Needs supervision. There is a squeaker in the head & a larger tube squeaker with a plastic bag in the body.

Boston Proof?  

ummm, no.

Bergamot and loofa dog toy
Emrys and loofa dog toy
A Loofa Dog! One for each of us!!! Oh joy! We've always wanted a Loofa Dog!!!
bergamot and toy2
bergamot and toy 3
Hello, I'm Bergamot Fury prepare to...
...lose your ear!
emrys and toy 2
emrys and loofah 3
The only intact photo of Emrys's Loofa!
Emrys goes right for the soft Loofa-underbelly.
bergamot and bobo
bergamot and bobo 2
Bergamot momentarily considers naming his Loofa "Bobo" and keeping him...
bergamot toy
bergamot toy 2
Keep smiling crazy Loofa!
emrys and loofah dog toy3
emrys and loofah dog toy4
Finished with her Loofa, Emrys helps Bergamot with his Loofa...whether he wants it or not.
Bergamot and loofah dog toy4
Is it over already? Can I have another one?
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