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Dog Toy Tests & Reviews: The Boston Terrier Challenge

The Dog Toy Tests & Reviews ·›  Fleece Puppy

Dog Toy Name:

Fleece Puppy

Fleece Puppy Dog ToyFleece Puppy Dog Toy Soft fleece puppy dog. No squeeker. This toy tests the theory that Bostons destroy toys to get at the squeeker.


$3.99 at CVS.

toy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test rating

The bloodlust elicited by these cute, cuddly toys was unsettling!

Beast Review:
toy test rating bergamot

"They made no noise as I bit them."
~ Bergamot Fur

toy test rating emrys
"Silent...curious. I tried to make them squeek."
~ Emrys
toy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test rating

Decapitation occured in less than 30 seconds. Ears and tails were plucked off like flower petals one by one. Then the the headless bodies were shaken, worried and unstuffed.


2 minutes.

Cost vs. Durability:
toy test ratingtoy test rating

A very fleeting massacre when compared to the 3.99 price tag.

toy test rating

No squeeker or hard parts. All fleece and stuffing.

Boston Proof?  


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