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Dog Toy Tests & Reviews: The Boston Terrier Challenge

The Dog Toy Tests & Reviews ·›  Chickie Doll

Dog Toy Name:

Chickie Doll

Chickie Doll Dog ToyLarge Stuffed Chick


$7.99 at Super Stop & Shop

toy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test rating

Nice and soft to bite - and floppy.

Beast Review:
toy test rating bergamot

"I bit his beak off!"
~ Bergamot Fury

toy test rating emrys "No feathers..."
~ Emrys
toy test rating

He was de-stuffed though the beak.


1 hour. The beak was removed in 10 minutes. Stuffing was removed though the beak, but not all of it and not the squeaker. Fair play continued for another 50 minutes, until the body was torn and the sqeaker was removed.

Cost vs. Durability:
toy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test rating

Pretty durable for a plush toy. Not a lot of parts to rip off.

toy test rating

Needs supervision. Contains squeeker.

Boston Proof?  


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