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Dog Toy Tests & Reviews: The Boston Terrier Challenge

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Dog Toy Name:

Canine Genius Mini Leo

dog toyreview mini leo

The peeps at Canine Genius have done it again - they now have a Mini Leo!
The Mini Leos are for dogs 15 pounds and under.

All the Leo toys are a brightly colored, soft, rubbery, bowling pin shaped toy. You hide treats inside & can link multiple Leos together! The more you link together - the more challenging the puzzle. The mini Leo is approximately 5 inches tall.


$12.95 @

toy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test rating

Little Size = BIG thrill!!!
Bergamot & Emrys already love the Leo and the Mini Leo is no exception!

The Mini Leos are the ideal size for Boston-sized treats. They are a little smaller and the smaller openings keep small sized treats inside. The Beasts relished the feeling of power they got when they could pick these little guys up and throw them around. Even though they are little, the Mini Leos still present a big challenge and keep Bergamot & Emrys very busy.

We still love the regular sized Leo's. Having both sizes lets us get creative with the treats we put inside. The original Leos are great for pieces of chicken or cheese. We sometimes put cauliflower or frozen string beans in them (Emrys loves veggies). The Mini Leos can handle smaller treats & kibble - we also like to cut up chicken or cheese to fill the Mini Leos too.

How they work:
There are 3 treat exits to a Leo - the neck & two 'x' shaped cross cut holes. You can link multiple Leos together by popping the neck of one into the cross cut hole of another. Once they are connected the treats move from one toy to the next as they get moved around.

We really like that the shape of the toys keep the Beasts moving around & chasing the Leos. It is more than simply a treat dispensing toy: the Leo is a puzzle for the brain & a workout for the body!

The peeps at Canine Genius ARE geniuses! This is a innovative and brilliant new toy!

Watch the Mini Leo Toy Test Movie! (Quicktime)

Beast Review:
December 2007
toy test rating bergamot

"It reminds me of a chicken drumstick."
~ Bergamot Fury

toy test rating emrys "It's so small! I can hike it farther!"
~ Emrys
toy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test rating

The Mini Leo is very durable and held up to hours of abuse from Bergamot & Emrys. Because they are small & the Beasts could fit the neck in their mouths the necks took a lot of wear. Emrys was able to chew the top of the neck off both our Mini Leos. It seems like it fell off after it became perforated from repetitive bending action from being chewed. The Leo material is very resistant to tooth marks. I did not observe Emrys hunker down and gnaw at the neck like a chew toy. It just wore out. It took 5 months of heavy use before any damage was done. We are still using them even without the top of the necks!

The Leo is a treat dispenser and not intended as a chew toy. Alise from Canine Genius gave us some tips on showing the Beasts how to play with this learning toy so that it would be a fulfilling & fun activity and not a frustration. Start off easy and challenge your dogs as they learn.


Quite durable - 5 months before they were damaged. We cut the top of the neck off with scissors and they are still going!

Cost vs. Durability:
toy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test rating

We were very satisfied with the durability of the Mini Leos. They held up to months of abuse from the Beasts. We really love having a toy like the Leo around to keep Bergamot & Emrys occupied while we work. The Leo is one of the few toys we have found that they will play with on their own.

toy test ratingtoy test ratingtoy test rating

Needs Supervision. Check this toy for wear & tear after each use.

Boston Proof?  

No - but durable!

canine genius mini leo size comparison
mini leo toy
The Mini Leo compared to a small Cuz
Little Leos!
mini leo toy test
mini leo toy test2
I'll take the blue one!
What is this color called?
mini leo toy test3
mini leo toy test4
There are tiny treats inside!
I can see them in there...c'mon out treats!
mini leo toy test5
mini leo toy test6
Does the blue one smell different than the pink one?
Finally! I get the pink one!
mini leo toy test7
mini leo toy test8
It is easy to roll!
Yep. I'm rolling it.
mini leo toy test9
mini leo toy test10
Its easy to flip!
Ok - I'll flip it.
mini leo toy test11
mini leo toy test12
It's like a chicken drumstick!
I can play it like a kazoo!
mini leo toy test
mini leo toy test
Hike One! Hike Two!
mini leo toy test
mini leo toy test
Rawrrr! Maybe I can scare the treats out!
Nope. You gotta use's a puzzle.
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