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Count Memmy's Money!

Every time Emrys misbehaves we put a coin in the savings jar. It has really added up & Emrys is ready to cash in her savings!
Can you guess how much money is here? If you can count Memmy's money, we have a prize for you! See details below.

Emrys is standing by while you count. Don't touch anything!

Bergamot peeking in to see how you are doing with your count.
A cuz guards the money pile!
Mine! All Mine!!!

Guess the total of the coins on the table featured in the photos above. We have shown 4 photos of the table with some objects (Emrys, Bergamot & a small evil cuz) to help you with the proportions of the table and the coins. Click on the first three images to see a larger view of the photo.

The Winner
The person who comes closest without going over the total wins!

The Runner Ups
One prize for the closest guess that does go over the total
One prize for the second closest guess who does not go over the total

The Prizes
The winner will receive their choice of any t-shirt from the LittleBeasts Store! ($20 and under)
The Runer ups will receive their choice of any small mug from the LittleBeasts Store!

How to Play
How much money is on the table?
Please send us one guess by emailing us here.
Please include your name, email address and your guess.
The Coins have been counted! Click here to find out how much Memmy has "earned".

The Rules
Please enter one guess per person. The contest will run from Monday January 16th through midnight Saturday January 21st.
The winners will be announced Monday January 23rd.

Good Luck everyone! Have Fun!




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