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Boston Terrier Rescue

Boston Terrier Rescue is a network of volunteer groups all across the US and Canada dedicated to re-homing Boston Terriers in need. The Bostons come to them from many circumstances: saved from shelters and dog pounds or turned over by previous owners. Sometimes they are perfectly healthy Boston terriers just looking for a home, sometimes they are sick or injured and need some TLC. Boston Terrier Rescue groups help rehabilitate these Bostons physically and emotionally. They are given vet care and fostered in homes where they receive TLC and learn how to be good family members.
Boston Terrier Rescue groups evaluate each Boston's personality and what type of living situation would be best for them (are they good with other dogs/cats/kids, what is their training level, exercise needs, special needs, etc.). They will help match you up with a Boston Terrier that is compatible to you & your lifestyle.
They screen prospective adopters and make sure that these lucky Boston Terriers never end up at a shelter again.

Boston Terrier Rescue is a wonderful resource to find a new Boston friend to add to your family!

Boston Terrier Rescue Links


Boston Terrier Club of America Rescue

The Boston Terrier Club of America, Inc. has a rescue group that works tirelessly to bring together Bostons in need of homes and families in need of Bostons.
Find a rescue near you!

Features an interactive map of the U.S. & Canada listing Boston Terrier rescues by area.

Boston Terrier Rescue - North East


North East Boston Terrier Rescue

Northeast Boston Rescue (NEBTR) is comprised of volunteers based in NY and NJ and serves Boston Terriers in need within the reach of our helping hands.

(Short Noses Only Rescue Team)

SNORT is an all volunteer non-profit rescue based in the Northeast that covers all of New England, NY, NJ, PA, MD, VA, DE, and D.C. SNORT rescues, rehabilitates, and places brachycephalic, or "short-nosed" dogs into loving forever homes.

Boston Terrier Rescue

Boston Terrier Rescue organization for Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

The Boston Terrier Rescue Net

Boston Terrier Rescue and BT fundraising items. Moo-Moo toys, two great t-shirt designs and the famous Boston Terrier Rescue Network Collector Plates - all to benefit rescue!
New Shirt Designs from BTRN!
Rescue Boston Terrier Shirt Boston Terrier Shirt

Boston Terrier Rescue - South


American Boston Terrier RescueABTR

Located in Texas. ATBR rescues and rehabilitates Bostons Terriers and has many Bostons in foster care available for adoption.

Boston Terrier Rescue of Greater Houston

Rescue and rehabilitation of Boston Terriers in texas and adjascent states for placement into loving homes.

The North Texas Boston Terrier Club Rescue

Located in Texas. The Boston Terrier Rescue of North Texas is a breed rescue dedicated to rescuing Boston Terriers in the Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex.

Boston Terrier Rescue of North Carolina

BTRNC is an all volunteer, 501(c)3 non-profit organization serving North Carolina and assisting in South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia.

Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee

BTRET covers the entire Southeastern United States.

Old Dominion BT Rescue

Old Dominion BT Rescue covers the states of Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.

Boston Terrier Club of Maryland Rescue

Boston Terrier Club of Maryand's Rescue: covers Virginia, Maryland and surrounding states.

Alabama Boston Terrier Rescue

ABTR covers Alabama & surrounding areas.

Birmingham Boston Terrier Rescue

BhamBTR, is a 501(C)3 non-profit status organization whose goal is to rescue Boston Terriers and Boston Terrier mixes in need. Covering Alabama, Mississippi & help out in Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida as needed.

Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida

BTRF is 501(C)3 non-profit & covers Florida.

Boston Terrier Rescue - North West


Grays Harbor Pug and Boston Terrier Rescue

GHPBT rescues Boston Terriers, Pugs & Boxers in Washington

Boston Terrier Rescue - South West


Wonder Dog Rescue

Wonder Dog Rescue was founded to rescue, rehabilitate and place Boston Terriers (and other dogs and cats as they can) in San Fransisco.

Bostons By The Bay Rescue

A Boston Terrier rescue group located in the San Francisco Bay Area. (also includes Northern and Central California cities.



Boston Terrier Rescue Canada

Boston Terrier Rescue Canada (BTRC) is a registered Canadian non-profit organization made up entirely of unpaid volunteers who are dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of Boston Terriers and Boston Terrier mixes in Canada.

Rescue Transport, Senior Dog Rescue & Rescue Support Groups


Boston Terrier Rescue Net (BTRN)

The Boston Terrier Rescue Net is a 501c3 tax exempt non profit organization
dedicated to aiding Boston Terrier rescue efforts.

Flying Paws

The mission of Flying Paws is to provide fast air transportation for special needs animals from rescue groups, fosters, or shelters to a recover NO KILL foster, shelter or forever home.


Lap Dog Rescue

A rescue group in New Mexico for lap dogs.

The Senior Dogs Project

Inspired by Misty a 10 year old Golden Retriever adopted as a senior.
Gandhi said, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way that its animals are treated." You can tell even more, we believe, by the way its older animals are treated.



Pug Rescue Links


Pug Rescue in New England

Curly Tail Pug Rescue serving Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York & New Jersey.
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Rescue Support


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Helping Udders Dog Toys

Where Your Purchase Helps Support Rescue!
Helping Udders Dog Toys - The Milker (Moo-Moo) has evolved! Boston Terrier Rescue receives 25% of the sale.

Boston Rescue Net Fundraising Items

Boston Terrier greeting cards, Boston Terrier Collector Plates, moo-moo toys & more.

Woof! A Boston Terrier Board

A Boston Terrier Message Board - Meet other BT addicts - Fun!Fun!

GoodDog Tags

Do you have updated info on all your Boston's ID tags?
GoodDog Tags create unique, custom Pet ID Tags for your dog's collar or harness - make sure your dog can find his way home to you if he is lost.

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