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Michelle and Jasper & Lenore wanted to see what happens when we cover up Live Nude Puppies!
...Extreme pimposity of course!

Bergamot & Emrys received matching outfits from Jasper & Lenore. J&L are two Boston Terriers with a passion for fashion!
The Beasts are modeling the Ziggy Turtleneck Tee with matching collars. The detail on these shirts, collars and leads are in a word - exquisite. Emrys has her eye on a coat for the fall. Yes, we have begun construction on her new walk-in closet.

Emrys dove right into her pullover - she assumes a diver's position and leaps forward into the shirt - hoping her paws go into the sleeve-holes. The Beasts had great fun dressing up and modeling for some photos. The right clothing and accessories certainly boosts one's self image.

Thank you Michelle & Jasper & Lenore!

I do believe that Violet is my color!
and to the left...
We are going for a ride aren't we?
I wanna show off my studliness. Take my picture.
Do I know how to accessorize or what!?
When do we leave for that ride?

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