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Emrys & the Clementine

Emrys is our little fruit bat.
She loves citrus - grapefruits, oranges & clementines. Whenever we eat a citrus fruit we can always count on seeing Emrys sitting at our side, drooling & waiting for us to share. Here Emrys gets her first whole Clementine.

emrys the boston terrier and the clementine
Whachoo got there?
emrys sniffs clementine
Ooo! A Clementine!
emrys licks clementine
I love Clementines!
emrys paws  clementine
This one is whole! How do I eat it?
emrys nibbles clementine
emrys chomps clementine
beefy checks out the clementine
Bergamot checks out what all the commotion is about.
bergamot does not do citrus
I don't do citrus.
emrys & clementine
I'm not sharing anyway! This Clementine is MINE!
emrys the fruit bat
Emrys gets down to serious citrus-business...

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