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Emrys took her first agility class. We had a really good time! Here are some photos of Emrys in action!
Boston terrier agility photo
Emrys agility jump
Emrys & I discuss the proper height for her jumps.
Emrys gets into position to jump but lets me know that treats must be involved.
Emrys agility tire
Emrys agility tunnel
Emrys learns how to jump through the tire - for a treat of course!
Emrys waits to find out why she should run into that tunnel.
Emrys agility tunnel 2 Bergamot & Charlie
"Did you throw a treat in there!?"
"A down-stay?!" "That's easy! I'm already a pro at that!"
Emrys agility dog walk
emrys dog walk agility
"I like the dog walk!
You really should look into installing these ramps on the dining room table!"
"This is great! Watch me go!"
Emrys a frame
"Ok - I need a treat AND a toy for this obstacle."
"Gotta keep my mouth on the treat & my eye on the toy!"

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