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Gimmie some Shrimp!

Bergamot & Emrys enjoying a nice appetizer! Shrimp!
beefy and the shrimp boston terrier and shrimp
bergamot loves shrimp bergamot really loves shrimp
shrimp shark
waiting for shrimp
Shrimp shark!
I will not blink until you give me another...
emrys in snow emrys and shrimp
Hello shrimp - nice to eat you!
What is this tidbit you present to me?
emrys tasting shrimp emrys loves shrimp
Oh, sweet mystery of life at last I've found you!
emrys needs shrimp emrys rerally needs shrimp
I really need to try that flavor again. Seriously.
Not joking - even a little.
emrys waiting for shrimp emrys eating shrimp
Is that the last shrimp!?
That's right... bring the shrimp to me.
beasts waiting for shrimp
Go ahead and refill that bowl. We'll wait here.
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