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Bergamot & Emrys are a couple of dolls...felt dolls!

An amazing friend & her Boston comissioned these wonderful felt dolls of Bergamot & Emrys and surprised us with them!
We can't thank them or the artist who made them enough!
The artist is Vivian and her needle felting work is amazing - the dolls are so animated and full of expression & detail. Vivian also supports rescue with her artwork.
Check out Vivian's website to see more of her work.

Boston Terrier Felt Dolls of Bergamot & Emrys
Here are felty Bergamot & Emrys with their blanket & B&E tags!
Beastie Needle Felted Doll
I can't get over how well Vivian captured Beefy & Emrys's expressions!
Emrys and Boston Terrier dolls
Emrys was *very* interested in the photoshoot...I let her come & pose carefully with the felty Beasts.
Bergamot and Boston terrier dolls
Here is Beefy posing too.
pepito and beasts
Here is Pepito the Emperor & Comissioner of Artwork posing with Felty Bergamot & Emrys.
Vivian captured every detail...right down to the shape of their blazes and and the white of B&E's collars - little lightening shapes!

Gifty Goodness! I love them!!!

The Ends...

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