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Bergamot dances with the Devil's Kitty!

We were having a quiet Winter's evening. Bergamot decided to make one last trip outside before turning in for the night & snuggling under the warm covers.
His evening did not turn out as he had anticipated - he ended up in the bathtub!

Bergamot encountered the Devil's Kitty and got sprayed right between the eyes!
Emrys's only comment was "I told you so!"

bergamot & the snowball
"Why!? Why would that kitty do this to me? Why does that kitty smell so terrible!?"
bergamot & the snowball bergamot & the snowball
"A bath in the middle of the night!?"
"The injustice!"
bergamot & the snowball
"Soap up my face more - I can still smell it!"
"I thought cats were clean...I just don't get it...the smell - p.u.!"

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