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Bergamot & Emrys - A Day at the Lake

Bergamot & Emrys go to the lake for a day of fun, sun and water.
Emrys at the lake
Bergamot at the lake
Is that water?
I want to go in the water!
boston terriers help canoe
Bergamot & Emrys help
We have to help get the canoe in the water.
We're helping.
Then we walked the scenic path around the lake.
Bergamot & Emrys lake walk
Bergamot & Emrys lake walk
Heading off on our walk.
This walk is okay but the water looks more fun.
Bergamot & Emrys lake walk
Bergamot & Emrys lake walk
More walking.
Can we go in the water?
Bergamot picnic table
Bergamot picnic table 2
Time to rest. This picnic table pretty is comfy.
Ahhhh. The shade is cool.
Bergamot & Emrys water break
Bergamot & Emrys water break 2
Water Break!
My turn!
Bergamot & Emrys rest
Bergamot & Emrys lake walk
We'll rest together.
I'm so relaxed.
Bergamot & Emrys lake walk
Emrys hears a bear?
Yes, yes...the woods. So relaxing.
What was that noise!? Are there bears here!?
Bergamot & Emrys make a plan
Bergamot's secret

Protect the table!
We better take lookout posts at each end!

Between you and me...I really don't think there are bears here.
Bergamot & Emrys back at camp
Bergamot people watching
I feel safer here at the campsite. I'll keep watch for any more bears.
I'm going to people watch.
I could people watch all day...
Bergamot & Emrys in the car
Do we have to go? We are still having fun! We don't wanna go home yet...
Bergamot snoozes
Emrys snoozes
Moments later...sleeping on the ride home...
the end... :)
...The End.
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