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Bergamot & Emrys Get Some Wheels

It's here! The BeastMobile...The BeastBuggy...The BeastWheels...The BTV!
Or as a friend has coined it: the Human Guided Beast Conveyance Apparatus aka HGBCA.

The AT3 All Terrain Pet S*****r. This is no stroller! Boston's don't have no stinkin' strollers - they have wheels...a ride...a whip!!!

The idea behind the BTV is that The Beef's knee gets tired on long walks. We are hoping this contraption will let us take longer walks without worrying about getting tired. That...and maybe we can smuggle the Beasts into some cool places in this thing! ;)

We have not taken an official R-I-D-E in it. But I rolled B&E around the back yard and gave them lots of treats to get them used to it.

Some assembly required! Aw, man! *pout*
Beefy takes the first test sit!
ok. Push me.
Double Beast Test Sit.
Lemme see!!!
Let's get in!
TREATS! What the cupholders were made for!
Hey! Those treat holders are empty!
Beefy imagines the wind in his ears...
Let's go!

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