boston terrier photo of the week
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Sophie & Friend
Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

Sophie realized that it was time for a new yoga instructor.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Aesop's little-known first draft: The Tortoise and the Boston
  • I'm just letting him get a head start.
  • Don't ya just hate these long lines for fresh salad at lunch time ?
  • Nice room, lousy view.
  • Downwind of a friend is enough to put starch in Sophie's ears.
  • Bet I can run faster than you!
  • Dat aint do dog!
  • It's hard to play leap-frog...if you're not a frog.
  • Sophie helps her friends come out of their shells!
  • "look, paws out, bob your head up and down, then take off real fast and tackle each other". How many times to I have to explain it?!
  • Sophie is a considerate competitor and gives the tortoise a sporting head start.
  • No dear- it would be a bad idea to try to teach her to roll over.
  • Well, what do ya know...that rock moves!
  • Ahhhh, the tortise and the har...wait, that's not right.
  • Tortise and the Boston. Slow and steady wins the race!
  • Sophe realizes that her do-it-yourself turtle soup kit needs some refinement.
  • be the turtle
  • Okay, What now?? This thing only has ONE speed!!!
  • I can't walk with my legs like that
  • Is this going to take long?
  • I'll give ya a head start.
  • Laugh now, but I was a newborn when he started...
  • A slow afternoon playing Leap-dog.
  • One, Two, Three, GO!!!!
  • I swear it moved!
  • Downwind of a friend.
  • Beat the Turtle...Beat the Turtle...Beat the Turtle!
  • Sophie prefers her treats be bite sized.
  • This conga line ain't going nowhere
  • Well, what do you think? He may be bigger, but I know I am faster!!!!!
  • Mom said not to run with a fast crowd or I might get in trouble.
  • Sophie found it impossilbe to chase the slow tortoise and was hoping to see the hare circle back around.
  • Sophie, a diligent, aspiring actress, researching her role in the tortoise and the hair.
  • Hey mom... this rock is moving

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  • Bowie told me you're supposed to be able to wrangle these things and ride 'em. [PPP-See Bowie's POTW]

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