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The 2009 Photo of the Week Calendar is here!

Bergamot & Emrys are excited to announce the
2009 Photo of the Week Boston Terrier Wall Calendar
Collection Five

Visit the LittleBeasts Store to purchase your calendar and other fun Boston Terrier stuff.

Boston Terrier t-shirts, mugs

The Photo of the Week Calendar is a collection of Boston Terrier Photographs featured on Each month showcases four (sometimes five) photographs and their captions. This calendar makes a great gift for the Boston Terrier addict in your life and will be available for purchase all year.

Visit the LittleBeasts Store for more information.

All the proceeds from the sale of this calendar benefit Boston Terrier Rescue.
This year we will be donating the profit from the Calendar sales to Boston Terrier Rescue Net (BTRN) &

Fundraiser Update
We sold 135 calendars!
~ Thanks everyone for your support & generosity!

With the calendar sales, the sales of the other LittleBeasts items sold during the fundraiser as well as a volume bonus from CafePress we are able to donate $948.50 to BTRN for their Spotlight Rescue program and to!

LittleBeasts would like to thank everyone who participated in the making of the calendar: all the POTWeek Stars, their dedicated photographers & the caption artists too! We would also like to thank everyone who purchased a calendar or other item to help support BT Rescue. We hope they bring you smiles all year long.

If you didn't get your Calendar yet - no worries! - they are available all year.

We would like to thank everyone who generously shared their photos with us for the calendar!

Dolly’s Person Traci
Lola's Person Ben
Charlie’s Person Shauna
MinnieBelle’s Person Arleen
Norton's Person Amy
Dixie’s Person Stacy
Eleanore & Olive’s Person Stevie
Buddha’s Person Stacy
Lily & Ally’s Person Kathy
Aggie’e People Sarah & Ryan
Kipp & Aika’s Person Avery
Bobby’s Person Penny
Yoshi’s people Paula & Chase
Baxter’s Person Crystal
DuPont’s Person Darris
Cooper’s Person Christine
Ole’s Person Robin
Goma’s People Bob & Kazumi
Jack’s Person Missy
Celia & Gustav’s Person Karina
Molly’s person Kathy
Beans’ Person Cari
Mighty’s People Erica and Josiah
Bo & Ben’s Person Amy
Glitter & Cheesey Poof ‘s Person Jess
Daisy’s Person Dionne

Harrison & Lilly’s Person Deede
Plumm’s Person Miyon
Roxy’s Person Shawn
Lily & Ally’s Person Kathy
Pepito’s Person Marilyn
Wyatt’s Person Deb
Keegan’s Person Melissa
Angus’s Person Stephanie
Howie’s People Amanda & Kevin
Chester & Piepurr’s person Jamie
Lola & Ollie’s Person Liz
Gomez’s Person Missy
Opal’s Person Chelle
Tatie’s Person Braden
Winston’s Person Jamey
Plumm’s Person Miyon
Goonie’s Person Anna
Lola Blue’s Person Jade
Bouncer & Shannon's Person Kathy
Tyson & Charlie’s Person Jaclyn
Tank’s Person Penny
Winston & Roxi’s Person Susan
Jenny’s People Margaret & Thomas
Kipper & Kaycee’s Person Lori
Gage, Lola & Cody’s Person Ben


Dedicated to the love & joy we share with these special friends and to those dear friends
who have gone ahead on their path and leave us with memories, love & laughter until we catch up...




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