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The Photo of the Week Calendar is here!

Bergamot & Emrys are excited to announce the 2006 Photo of the Week Boston Terrier Wall Calendar Collection II
Visit the LittleBeasts Store to purchase your calendar and other fun Boston Terrier stuff.

Update May 8th
We have sold 98 calendars! The calendar sales earned $490 for Boston Terrier Rescue. We also received a volume bonus from CafePress. Including the sales of the other LittleBeasts items sold during the fundraiser we are able to donate $750.00 to & American Boston Terrier Rescue.
LittleBeasts would like to thank everyone who participated in the making of the calendar and to everyone who purchased a calendar or other item to help support BT Rescue. We hope they bring you smiles all year long.

If you didin't get yours yet - no worries! - they are available all of 2006.

The Photo of the Week Calendar is a collection of Boston Terrier Photographs featured on Each month showcases four (sometimes five) photographs and their captions. This calendar makes a great gift for the Boston Terrier addict in your life and will be available for purchase all year.
Visit the LittleBeasts Store for more information.

All the proceeds from the sale of this calendar benefit Boston Terrier Rescue.
This year we will be donating the profit from the Calendar sales to to help with Cassie and Jake's medical expenses & to American Boston Terrier Rescue who has recently taken in 14 dogs who needed rescue due to Hurricane Rita.

We would like to thank everyone who generously shared their photos with us for the calendar:

Toni - Lucy's Person
Allyson - Salem & Blitz's Person
Rachel - Pippin's Person
Mike - Mauser's Person
Darin & Tamara - Ptolemy's People
Mary Lou - Remi's Person
Chelle - Ruby's Person
Dana - Mugsy's Person
Rachael - George Brown 's Person
Peter - Otis's Person
Mike - Sir Whitley's Person
Peggy - Lily, Bruce and Lulu's Person
Alisa - Hemet's Person
Mike - Clyde's Person
Vera - Sarn's Person
Rita - Lucy's Person
Leah - Paxie & Frannie's Person
Maria - Maggie's Person
Eric - Bandit's Person
Satchmo's Person
Jennifer - Boozer's Person
Margaret & Thomas - Jenny's People
Vy - Lola's Person
Ray - Bubba & Pepper's Person
Jess - Burt & Louie's Person
Ryan - Button's Person
Colleen - Seamus's Person
Marilyn - Pepito's (AKA Pot Pie) Person
Anne - Luke's Person
Joanne - Benny & Kylie's Person
Amy Beth - Baci's Person
Courtney - Blossom's Person
Jill - Angie's Person
Kelly - Roxy's Person
Mandy - Daisy & Tucker's Person
Kathy - Lily's Person
Kelley - Petey's Person
Melodie - Ozzie's Person
Chrissy - Alee's Person
Stephanie - Nibbler & Linus's Person
Tyler - Pepita's Person
Justina - Keiko & Kosmo's Person
Stacy - Stimpy, Bosley, Bailey & Dixie's Person
Anna - Goonie's Person
Murielle - Chelsea's Person
Lena - Beamer's Person
Debra - Phoebe's Person
Jennifer - Oscar's Person
Rebecca - Martha's Person
Kris - Bella & Scarlett's Person
Jacque - Jessica Marie, Randle & Tucker's Person

Dedicated to our friends
Stu, Milo, Hemet, and Jessica Marie
who have gone ahead on their path and leave us with memories, love & laughter until we catch up...




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