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The Gallery of Bosco

Bosco lounging on the couch surrounded by pillows at home. November, 2003
Bosco has a wonderful forever-home!
February 2004
"Bosco continues to be a joy. He loves going in the car. He is the man about town. The bank gives him biscuits, Duncan donuts gives him cheese-life is good. He loves going to my Mom's and she has offered to care for him if we have long days. He is very comfortable at her house and with her. She says "I love his little mush face". He loves all of us, but I seem to be his favorite-my bed is the bed of choice at night. We have had NO problems with him, his house manners or disposition. Still am amazed that anyone could give him up. He is getting along well with the cat-although the cat is in charge. They really look cute together with the same coloring."
-Bosco's Person
December 2003
"Bosco had a great first Christmas with us. He got a seat belt for the car, a name tag, biscuits and toys. This picture was taken before everyone arrived-we had 12 on Christmas Eve. He was wonderful! He charms everyone-king of the house.
He had some tenderloin, fruit, cheese and crackers. He is a wonderful addition to our family. His manners are great-didn't try to take food off of the coffee table, kept his eyes on it though."
-Bosco's Person
November 2003
"Bosco worked the crowd on Thanksgiving. There were 16 of us and he did beautifully. He slept through dinner in the dining room-did not beg, although he had had his share of appetizers-olives, mushrooms, cheese, crackers. Everyone loved him and doted on him. I can't find one negative about this little guy. He is so affectionate. My mother adores him, talks baby talk to him. He is a joy to have. He was exhausted when we got home.
He comes in the car with me when I go to the bank or when I took my son to the train station. He is always ready to go.
Thank you again for getting him ready to be part of our family . We love him!"
-Bosco's Person
Bosco's Story:

Silly Bosco

These photos (above) were taken April 15th 2003. He is a healthy weight and enjoying springtime.

Bosco was found abandoned in CT in the winter. He was starving and terrified. He spent at least 2 weeks in the freezing winter weather and then 2 weeks in the shelter with animal control. Animal control reported that he refused to eat for a week and he would not let anyone come near him. A wonderful Good Samaritan saw Bosco in the shelter and found the Boston-Terrier email list. She sent a message that this boy needed to be rescued.

Bosco has been in foster care since February and is healthy and happy again. The vet believes that Bosco is 3-4 years old. He is a handsome bigger boy at 25 pounds. He has the funniest screw-tail that he wags in a circle when he is happy. He is quite a love. He has a goofy sense of play and loves to be around people. Bosco is very responsive and really wants to please. He is looking for someone to be his best buddy and he will never leave your side. He has wonderful house manners. He is completely house trained, knows how to sit, lay down and to come. He walks wonderfully on a leash. He is crate trained. He is good with cats and he enjoys the company of other dogs, but he tends to act out against them if he feels jealous or he wants their toy. Bosco would need to go to a home where he can be the only dog. He is still getting over being abandoned and while he is an outgoing and relaxed lover-boy with people he knows, he does get anxious when his routine is interrupted. Bosco needs a family who can give him some firm, quiet routines. He is fine with older children. I think he will relax when he knows he is in his forever home with his new best friends.

Bosco is neutered, up to date on his shots, heartworm negative and current on his heartworm prevention.

Update Aug 2003-

Bosco has had more time to settle in with us and has adjusted well to home life. He has certainly relaxed. I think he is closer to 2-3 years old based on his behavior now that he has physically recovered from his neglect.

Below are some photos of how far Bosco has come since February. It took him a while to relax and play again.

Bosco in March 1 month after he moved in with us. (above)
Bosco on his first day with us in February 2003. He was so skinny!

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