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The Winning Caption is:

I could not find a squeaker.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Why did the chicken cross the road? To get away from Gunz!
  • I searched through all these feathers and all I got were these eyebrows.
  • Gunz gets his sense of style from Lady GaGa.
  • This is fowl play!
  • So does this mean I win the pillow fight?!
  • When life gives you chickens, make a featherbed!
  • How was Gunz suppose to know the rules, this was his first time playing the children's game "duck", "duck", "goose"
  • your home early . . .
  • The pillow sneezed, I swear!
  • "who says you have to be part of the sporting group to retrieve a duck"
  • Gunz's stint as chicken herder did not go as planned
  • My pet chicken 'sploded:(
  • I killed it for you, master
  • Who are you calling "chicken"?
  • Gunz, first place winner of the chicken plucking contest
  • Proof positive- not allergic!
  • It was like this when I got here. Look at this face. Would I lie?
  • Pillow?... what pillow?
  • sigh* I just KNOW I'm going to be blamed for this...
  • It tell you I've been framed!!!
  • Would you believe the bird did it?
  • Why do you think I had anything to do with the creation of this mess?
  • Gunz wanted to know if birds of a feather stuck together
  • Gunz takes his revenge for being called "bird brain"!
  • John Denver was right... "It was nine feet high and six feet wide, soft as a downy chick!"
  • Who knew there was a chicken in there!
  • What pillow?
  • boston Vs pillow guess how one
  • The who me look i didnt do this it was like this when i got here.
  • born to be bad
  • No birds were harmed in the making of this picture.......Gunz
  • That pillow had it coming.....
  • what chicken i have not seen a chicken
  • Gunz's goose is cooked...
  • How loose is your goose?
  • "Now my pillow feels JUUSSTTT Right!
  • If I lay very still, maybe they won't see me.
  • This isn't what you meant when you said, "Get down?"
  • Gunz proved the age-old theory that feathers do not necessarily indicate an Angel is near!
  • do you like my new feather bed?
  • What goose?
  • I am....fluffy!!!
  • How do you get down off a duck?I know - and it's not a ladder!
  • goose? what goose? I didn't see any goose...
  • No ducks were harmed during the making of this picture...just one very unfortunate pillow.
  • Mom, you bought this feather bed a little premature!
  • And don't EVER call me "Feather-brain" again!
  • I thought you should know that your favorite pillow is not Boston proof.
  • Gunzs, this is heaven!!
  • I am an angel, see my wings?
  • ffft... fttt....hack....grrrrgle.. aaaaaaaaaaachoooo!!!!!
  • no one expects the spanish inquisition!
  • chicken? what chicken?
  • your new down pillow? nope. haven't seen it.
  • Down Comfor....what? My friend ummm Goose dropped by. Yes, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!
  • What feathers?
  • I'm not cleaning this up.
  • They don't make pillow ticking like they use to.
  • I make my own feather bed, you like?
  • nobody here but us chickens...
  • "think as like as feather"
  • Gunz wanted a quacker...
  • Call me a feather brain again,I dare you!
  • Guess what happened to birdie?
  • It doesn't get any better than this,! Chickens!!
  • Mom, I couldn't find the squeaker!
  • Gunz realizes all too late that maybe, just maybe, this wasn't his toy...
  • Where's the chicken?
  • I'm Sorry!
  • REally, your going to ask 'what happened'?
  • Wasn't me!
  • Attack of the feather pillow!
  • Ducks - 0 Gunz -2
  • Eat more chickenz
  • What chickens?
  • Aw Feathers!
  • I just wanted to fly
  • I'm shedding feathers?
  • Gunz-1. Big Bird-0.
  • There was no squeaker inside, Hmpfff.
  • Aint nobody here but us chickens...
  • Um no... I haven't seen the chickens. Why do you ask?
  • Oh no, caught in the act!
  • That giant chicken was very tasty!
  • The pillow started it...honest!
  • Gunz proves to be a fine feathered friend.

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • I got my pillow at the same place Bodie got his mattress.
  • Bodie's 90 day trial looked too good for Gunz to pass up.


  • cute!


Great captions everyone!
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