boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo of the week
Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

I am the eye of the storm!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Bit one Snarl two, Bit one Snarl two
  • I think I've knitted myself into a corner!
  • Too much turtleneck?
  • All the other ladies at the knitting club were so jealous of Elise's "Allie Head" technique.
  • A rare glimpse of a young BT emerging from it's coccoon!
  • Ally knew the secret to getting Linus's blanket that Snoopy didn't.
  • Ally watches and waits, when they fall asleep, the food is MINE!!!!!
  • You dare to wake the sleeping Ally?!?!?!?
  • Ally's theme: "Let sleeping dogs lie."
  • No 'pig in a blanket' jokes, fatso...
  • What's the matter Ally? Why so blue?
  • Don't even think about touching my blanket!
  • Did I hear the russle of a "Treat Package"???
  • Ally is worried about the impending trip to the vets may include a cleansing of the anals.
  • peek a boo...i see you
  • more baths....a couple more and will be WHITE!
  • Grandma's Little Boy.....
  • I don't know what you're doing, but I'm sure it requires 'The Stink Eye.'
  • shhh... I'm hiding, go find your own place to hide!
  • I'm an under-cover agent for the Federal Boston Investigators...shh...
  • Ally is a master at camouflage.
  • SHHHHH!!!! The baby is trying to sleep
  • I'm waiting for my snuggles!
  • Ally:"don't worry, i'm keeping an eye on that bacon"
  • patiently, Ally sits through the photo shoot without a peep, but quietly is eyeing the photographer's lunch
  • MMhhh This is febreezed!!!
  • Curse you Pantene-I have to fake my flowing locks.
  • Why am i hiding ??? Let me guess something to do with bath and nail clipping should explain it all to you plus no one shall even THINK about waking me up before 9AM, NO ONE !!
  • bug eyed and bushy tailed
  • Am I blue, tell me true, I feel blue, ba daaaaa da bee yooouuuu, blue, ba ba Blue! Whew!
  • As soon as this blue monster lets me go You are toast!
  • I always feel like, somebody's watching meee! And I have no privacy, oh-woah!
  • I spy with my little eye... someone who better leave me alone!
  • Cant a man have some privacy !
  • "Jaws"- blanket edition.

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  • Sooooo cute looks just like my brown boston bailey! :)


Great captions everyone!
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