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Day one of Bodie's 90 day mattress trial period.

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  • See Mom? I am totally creative! Little, happy Bob Ross showed on television.
  • That will teach you to put me in a Gerbil cage!
  • What? I made a cloud. You can't cage my creativity.
  • Guess a new bed is out of the question.
  • To the best of my knowledge, the toy's fluffy content deployed of its own volition...
  • offa my cloud!!! offa my cloud!!!
  • Bodie 1: pillow 0
  • Bodie's new adjustable mattress feels like he's sleeping on a cloud.
  • It's Angel Soft!
  • This ain't exactly cloud nine.
  • Look I was just tryin to fluff up the pillow! I don't know what happened...
  • Sing with me now..."crated in a winter wonderlaaaand".
  • What?? I thought I saw a bedbug...
  • I Bodie have captured a cloud!
  • I... it just...I...
  • I swear, it did snow in here earlier........
  • It was not me!!
  • What I didn't shread that pink hoodie who gave me
  • Honestly, it was like this when I got here....really.
  • Fluffy bed? I haven't seen any fluffy bed in here. Nope, definitely not.
  • I was lied to again! This ain't cotton candy!
  • I did NOT do this! Da pillow esploded! But don't worry, I'm Okay :)
  • I'm feeling vulnerable here.. help!
  • But you just said how much you missed the snow.
  • If you let me out of time-out, I promise not to do this to your couch!
  • Bodie is on Cloud 9!
  • What toy????
  • What sheep?
  • Bed? . . . . . What bed??
  • Hey Mom! Wassup???????
  • Duh...It's a cloud,what else did you expect to see an "angel" sitting on????
  • What! I didn't do anything!
  • Fluffy bunny? What fluffy bunny? You wanna let me out and play? You want a kiss? I'll give ya a kiss! Let's go for a walk! Make that a run! Can we go buy a bunny? I want a bunny!
  • lying on a cloud of foam. Bodie looks comfy!
  • I dream of cotton ball clouds and lots of cotton candy!
  • now maybe you will let me out and sleep in your bed
  • I just didn't like the bed you bought me,you can understand,cant you?
  • There must be a pony in here somewhere!
  • Ummm,I didn't do it.
  • This is what happeneds when you give Bodie a pink dog bed!
  • I don't know!!! It just exploded!!!
  • Next chew toy pleas!
  • What fluff?
  • What? It was like this when I got in here.
  • (music) "i'm dreaming of a White Christmas!"
  • As Super Bodie worked to change the hot climate of his crate, the wrath of the evil Poly fill-snow caved in
  • And Bodie's excuse to his owners was..."I believe that this filling is toxic to both me and the environment...but i needed a sample (or 30) to test
  • "But it makes a great insulator!"
  • This is a special news report: A massive black and white tornado touched down about an hour ago. this has been rated a category EF4, with blinding wind speeds. luckily, no dog toys were harmed
  • I do believe this was one of our nation's most horrifying blizzards ever...
  • Look Mom, I refurbished my room!
  • Like a lion in the bushes, Bodie sleuths around looking for a way to get to the kitchen, using his super fluff to hide his appearance
  • Dear Mom, while you were gone I ate the last hotdog, barked at the mailman, and re-purposed my bed. Love, Bodie
  • Here is Bodie's science lesson of the day: This fog is caused by a combination of puppy instinct and separation anxiety...
  • Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!
  • The sequel to JAWS:THE MOVIE is now a record box office seller...
  • Deep down, Bodie knows that all this is is an attention getting device
  • nextime i will break this cage!
  • Who me? Nope...wasn't me!
  • WHAT! It's a Boston thing....
  • Gees, I was just fluffing my pillow.
  • "Well... at least I found the squeaker."
  • Ok,I know I tore up the pillow,but seriously,I AM AN ANGEL!
  • What?! You think I'm going to behave any better in here?
  • There now. I fixed it so it is nice and comfy.
  • Mom, look! It snowed in my crate when you were gone!
  • I told you I wanted the goose down blanket!!!!
  • "Did anyone get that plate number of of that runaway sheep"?
  • meeowwwww hisssss pfffft pfffft
  • NO, No! Honest it was the other dog...the one that just left!
  • I told you, put me in the cage and you won't like what happens!
  • Who me???..........NOoooooo
  • This isn't Cloud 9?
  • I didn't do it, honest!!
  • Fluff your pillow sir ?
  • That's it, no more Sno-Cones before bed!
  • They thought they were bringing a hamster home from the pet store.
  • I ripped up my bed hoping to find a prize inside. SO WHERE THE HECK IS IT?!
  • Pillow? What pillow?
  • Mom! I had a dream that I was floating on a puffy cloud!
  • Bodie finds out the hard way that his crate is NOT filled with cotton candy!
  • Dont i look like a little angel on a cloud?
  • You know, it is angel soft.
  • I've been a very naughty, naughty boy.
  • What... It was like this when I got here.
  • it was hot, so i made snow

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