boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo of the week Brie

Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

It came from the shadows... Looking for cookies...

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men...the Brie knows...
  • You will buy me a hamburger
  • You really threw away what was left of my favorite chew toy?
  • Don't go...and leave here all alone...(cue violin music)
  • Look into my eyes. These are not the shoes you're looking for.
  • Brie Noir!
  • The Dogfather sez he sees you nao
  • It don't matter if you're black of white........
  • Love you.
  • The new Gerber Boston.
  • "Are you really leaving without me ?"
  • Pleeeeeeease.
  • Brie: Activating will give me your food...
  • You have just stumbled into....the twilight zone....
  • Now would I do that?
  • "What's black and white and cute all over?"
  • Come on, let me lick you!
  • kiss?
  • You cannot resist the eyes.
  • Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.
  • Can I haz a cookie pleeeaaazzzzzeee
  • Despite the finest psychiatric treatment, Brie could not empty her heart of murderous rage.
  • Look into my big brown eyes. Aren't I just irresistable? Don't you want to love me forever. What Brie is really thinking, "Must distract them from the chew marks I have left all over this place".
  • This is the only headshot I need in my portfolio to become an international supermodel.
  • On the outside I'm cute, but on the inside I stink. tee hee
  • Look deeply in my eyes! I did not pee on the carpet or chase the cats nor did I tear apart the couch
  • Think not that I can do no wrong by looking into these innocent eyes. Once you see what I just did to your favorite underwear...
  • "Woe is me says Brie"
  • You talkin' to me....YOU TALKIN' TO ME????
  • That's right, I have my eyes on you...both of them!!
  • "How sweet am I?"
  • Looking in the dictionary under cute...yep! It's Brie's photo!
  • Brie contemplates the meaning of "Cute".
  • Here it is in Black and White: Brie is a Cutie.
  • Dis mah Betty Boop impreshun; watcha fink?
  • If I said Please.....?
  • This is my sweet smile.
  • How could anyone say no to this face!?
  • Where's my daddy?
  • I am so beautiful that I am already a model!!
  • *You wouldnt get mad at me would you?*
  • But,but cant you see my sad face?
  • Those baby seals got nothing on Brie.
  • Become a sponsor today! For pennies a day, you can give Brie the gift of a better future.
  • Pick me! Pick me!
  • A face that could launch a thousand ships!!!!!!!!!
  • She has Betty Davis eyes........
  • I'm ready for my close-up Mr.De Mille!
  • are you talking to me??
  • Brie: black and white and cute all over.

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)


  • beautiful!
  • What an angel! Makes me want another and I already have 3!
  • Look at that mesmerizing little face!
  • THAT IS SO CUTE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Happy Birthday Emrys! I hope to grow up to be just like you. ~Emrys says "Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!"


Great captions everyone!
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