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Special Guest Stars: boston terrier photo of the week Jelly & boston terrier photo of the week Char

Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

How come her time out box is bigger?

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Mom, the bed is in the wrong spot...
  • you are my sunshine, my only sunshine.....
  • Performance Art is not for the, Char and Jelly, give us a rendition of their latest collaboration, "Cat Shadows on Hard Wood."
  • Boston Terrier Sun Salutation. Go!
  • Although not widely known, Boston Terriers are solar powered.
  • Even though Jelly and Char would never admit it, their markings were made by strategic placement of sunscreen and plenty of tanning time.
  • "Sigh - I guess you're right - your shadow IS bigger than mine. You win."
  • Ahh! Nothing like a personal sunbeam rug!
  • Age before beauty darling!
  • Me and Mini-Me, basking in the sunshine!
  • The double Boston Terrier.... you have now entered the Twilight Zone....
  • Beam us up Scotty:)
  • Jelly!! Don't go into the light!
  • solar power: not just for people anymore
  • being closer to the sun means Char increases in size faster
  • Is it called leapfrog or Leap DOG!
  • Boston's have their own definition of "Sun Spots".
  • Jelly and Char seeing who can make the best shadow puppet!
  • Me and my shadow......
  • synchronised sun worshipping
  • Me and Mini Me.
  • How cute - a boxed set of warm beasts!!
  • simon says sit and look to your left...
  • Boston Pop Art
  • These sunspots look like postage stamps so someone should lick us!
  • Still not sure I believe in global warming but this is working for me!
  • Na na sun spots bigger than your sun spot!!!
  • Char shows Jelly how to tan the right side first, then the left side to perfection!
  • Those RCA dogs got nuthin' on us!
  • Char and Jelly take sun worship to a whole new level.
  • O Sole Mio.
  • A study in perception by Jelly and Char.
  • one of these kids is not like the other...wait, yeah they are.
  • everyone needs their space
  • jelly & char waiting patiently for the sun to design the rest of the hopscotch board....
  • At Jelly and Char's house, everyone gets a window seat.
  • after mastering downward facing dog, jelly and char move on to sun salutations.
  • hold real still...they're almost here.
  • Thing 1 & Thing 2 practice their synchronized shadow puppetry.
  • Jelly see, Jelly do.
  • BT see, BT do.
  • Who is closer: Jelly or Char?
  • Beam be up Scotty
  • These photocopies of our bums are going to be a big hit at the office party!
  • Jelly & Char show the proper way to photocopy a Boston at 75%.
  • If your Boston Terrier is too large, simply reproduce it on a photocopier at 75%.
  • Jelly and Char do their morning tai chi.
  • Bostons meditating upon a sunbeam.
  • The mother ship descends to retrieve Jelly and Char, and suddenly everything makes more sense.
  • See, Jelly?! I toldja the mother ship would return for us one day!
  • I told you we shouldn't have moved so close to the nuclear test site!
  • Wow, these new tanning bed bulbs are hot!
  • Jelly and Char doing their "mat" exercises.
  • Jelly & Char enjoy their Yoga every morning.
  • My ears are bigger than your ears!
  • Ah, we LOVE sunbeams!!
  • The rule of artistic photo taking #1: Obtain full cooperation from your Bostons to sit in approximately the same position in the sunlight panel and look in the same general direction while reflecting roughly the same shadow and remain there long enough to allow you to get the camera and get it focused!
  • Me and my shadow and me and my shadow and us and our shadows....
  • Jelly: "Mom, Char's copying me again." Char: "Mom, Char's copying me again." Jelly: "Shutup!" Char: "Shutup!" Jelly: "MOM!" Char: "MOM!"
  • MUHAHAHA! The cloning is now complete.
  • This is like one of the Highlights magazine things where you circle the differences.
  • Jelly and Char pose for the next "Great American Bostons" postage stamps.
  • Jelly! Come over here, the sun is JUST fine!
  • We are Pete and Repete
  • The world's first BT photocopy!
  • Close Encounters 2... Jelly & Char Phone Home.
  • "My shadow is bigger than your shadow, pphhhhhllzzzzz"
  • Like moths drawn to a light, Jelly and Char are drawn to the nice warm sunlight.
  • As you can see.. if you want to save energy Solar is the way to go!!
  • Live solar panels jelly and char, storing energy for a later trip around the house.
  • Jelly and Char waiting for lift off on their new solar powered magic carpets.
  • Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope it's batman!!
  • Deja vu...
  • Jelly and Char send the secret signal to head to the batcave
  • To each his own little ray of sunshine.
  • Like mom said, If we can't share this room and get along, you stay on that side of the sunspot and I'll have to stay on this one.
  • "Instead of the Queen's head on the postage stamp, Jelly & Char demonstrate the BT version."
  • The girls working on their tans.
  • and my de do do do...
  • Pete and Repete were on a... um... sunbeam.
  • Bathing beauties
  • This is my square of sunshine and that's yours.
  • Jelly and Char await the mother ships arrival to beam them back home.
  • Solar cloning works on boston terriers
  • char and jelly , decided to charge their solars batteries in tandem today.
  • hunnyy!!! the dog cloned itself again!

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