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Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

Distracted by the TV, Tyson's daddy will once again fall for the old Tied-the-Shoestrings-Together practical joke!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • OK, I did the sit, shake, and play dead. Now you want me to do the offshore swivel knot?
  • OOPS! I guess this really is needed with those sweatpants!
  • Whose looking at my shoe lace? Are you looking at my shoe lace? This doesnt concern you.
  • Tyson! Spit out the salesman...SPIT HIM...OUT!
  • You'll have to wait for the shoe...
  • My rodeo skills just aren't what they used to be
  • You're jutht jealouth becauthe YOU can't tie a knot uthing YOUR tongue!
  • Anyone for some tug-o-war?! Anyone?!
  • Ummmm... what shoe?
  • I swear this is how I found it!
  • Tyson learns how to tie a "double knot".
  • Tyson was not very accomplished at macrame...but he could easily wrap YOU around his little finger :)
  • Tyson: The "hanging judge"
  • Tyson lives on a shoestring so he can afford cable
  • Back away did not see the spaghetti monster!
  • Turn off the TV and get this bad tooth yanked out now.
  • Mommmmm!! this flossing thing is harder than it looks!
  • Tyson new flossing kept your teeth nice and healthy but he just didn't seem to have the knack for it.
  • Flossing without opposable thumbs is HARD!
  • Go ahead, mock me about the string now. But wait until you see what I did to the actual shoe!!! Muahahahaha!
  • Could someone please help me relace the tennis shoe before the parents get home?
  • I said I didn't eat your shoe! Why won't you believe me?!!
  • I didn't do it
  • Tyson was not convinced about the benefits of flossing.
  • Poor Tyson is getting sent to bed without even finishing his favorite movie! :(
  • Tyson refuses to give up "Lacey the Shoe Lace", his favorite "Cuddle Buddy"
  • OMG!!! AREN'T I ADORABLE ??? YES I AM !!!!
  • Tyson doesn't understand why he has to go to bed early !And his favorite movie's on to!!!SO UNFAIR!!!!!
  • How could they send ME to bed ??? I'm WAY too cute to sleep !!! Just look at me!!!
  • This is all that's left of the shoe. If you want the other one to survive, I suggest turning off the tv and paying attention to me.
  • Brains..... I need more brains
  • Did I do that?
  • This is NOT spaghetti!
  • Now how do I tie my shoes again? Loop, swoop and pull?
  • That big brown meatball was delicious. This spaghetti - not so much...
  • Al dente, just like I like it.
  • NO NO NO,I said shoestring potato-chips!
  • Can you help me put on my mummy costume for Halloween?
  • life is ruff when you have no thumbs and work at a shoe-lacing factory
  • hey, do I look like a mastiff now?
  • have you seen my mommy?
  • Iths a wabbit twap!
  • Tyson couldn't understand why his mom was so upset. Doesn't she know flossing is supposed to help with his dog breath.
  • What makes you think I was chewing on a shoe?
  • I don't understand this whole flossing thing...a little help please?
  • Am I in trouble?
  • Houdini has nothing on me when it comes to escaping.
  • if you don't turn off Jerry Springer I'm gonna hang myself
  • pass the tomato sauce!
  • Let me get this right...that is the target and THIS is the means of restraint?
  • You get a flat screen and I get a shoelace?
  • Shoe please!
  • I feel a Disney movie coming on,now all I need is a Lady and a little pasta sauce!
  • I'm Just Flossing!
  • But that's how they did it on television!
  • I will tie up that kitty if it comes out of the TV
  • "ahhh" hope you dont need this I just broke my other tug a war toy, and I'm not giving this one back"
  • Soon Tyson's dream to become the world's youngest solo circumnavigator will come true. But first he has to master the darned butterfly knot.
  • If you don't give me a treat I will Eat the other shoe too!
  • And your point?!
  • Yeah whatever dude, keep moving along...
  • Can you get these knots out for me?
  • If I just hold still maybe they won't notice me
  • No, really, I can tie knots with my
  • That shoe was great - nice that it came w/ its own floss!
  • "If you think this is Stink-Eye, you ain't seen nothin' yet."
  • Tyson is thinking hard about how he can tie his human up, so he can get the remote control to change the channel to Animal Planet.
  • No mom, this is not your shoestring i'm drooling
  • I think you need to tie your shoe....
  • Chill out Mom, I'm just taking all the knots out for you....
  • Tyson says "If the shoe doesn't fit....untie it!"
  • Got Love?
  • Man, i sure do love pasta night!
  • Shoe? What shoe?
  • What? Doc said to floss.
  • These laces aren't from your shoes, I promise
  • Tyson is growing tired of organizing the human's stuff. Everytime they finish watching TV, they put strings in their shoes.
  • Wat do you mean you can't find u shoelace?????
  • Why can't I chew on this?
  • Walk anyone?
  • Mommy, I tink I have to blow my dose!
  • hey buddy (snicker), your shoe's untied!
  • Do you know how hard it is to resist a pair of Red Ball Jets? They make you run faster and jump higher!!
  • Shoe...What Shoe???

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  • What a cutie!
  • i heart tyson!
  • aww it is very cute and adoable!!
  • Adorable! He should open his own pet shop!!


Great captions everyone!
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